Being Out Of Work

Unemployment – uselessness – failure –  free loader – social scrounger

Funny isn’t how being out of work has such negative associations when to survive you really must stay strong & positive?

I have been out of work for nearly a year. I wont bore you with what I was & how it happened, but it has, and here I am, sharing my experiences.

The first three months were good, I carried on as normal. Paying the bills on time, never thinking that a year down the line I would still be unemployed. But then the money goes and you find yourself suddenly relying on the weekly payments in benefits to arrive.

Where once you juggled a months wage which was easy, comes in on the 18th, pay all your direct debits that day, this is how much I have left for the rest of the month etc, you now have to plan each and every expenditure to the penny. One slight mistake could be catastrophic – BANK CHARGES – at £30+ a pop this is now serious money!

During my time “on the dole” I’ve learnt to survive but, as they say, pride really does come before a fall, get past that and you are on the way to just about keeping your head above water!

It’s not easy & your family do suffer. You try to protect your family from knowing the extent of what’s really happening but all the time you hide & bury your true concerns so deep inside whilst carrying on laughing & smiling for your families sake.

I don’t mean to sound melodramatic, I’m just trying to tell you how it is.  

The following poem is reflective of this situation;


A restless mind keeps dreams at bay
Now copper taints my golden ones
In spiders webs are gathered thoughts
That hang from threads this life has spun.

In borrowed clothes we huddle tight
But youthful minds find wonders true
Friends that mock and judge our plight
But pride does come before we fall.

Chests that heave and long for touch
That burst with pride in shining shoes
But leathered souls will wear in time
And innocents grow with doubts of you.

Cherished things from long past lives
That lose their gleam on pawn filled shelf’s
And clothes we wore when once were proud
Now hang from limbs like tattered shrouds.

Yet restless minds with flickered thoughts
Find strength to grasp and hold what’s true
Like sands that slip through nothing hands
We drift in search of hopes a new.

Then winter brings those chilling winds
That holds our breath in sleepless nights
As rain seeps in through leaking roofs
The cobwebs grow in darkened heights.

Where golden dreams are all that’s left
And children’s laughs bring hidden cries
Where strength is found in food we eat
But pride has left without goodbye……….

Thankyou for reading & maybe soon I will tell you some more!!!!


2 Responses to “Being Out Of Work”

  1. wow great poem and disription of being jobless. You are an isperation to us all (who just happen to be on the internet and type in

  2. this is too accurate a portrayal of pain and agony of unemployment.

    pray you soon get yourself a wonderful job.

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