The Knights Tale

Breathless I stare aghast and opaque

Stripped bare to the flesh, beaten & broke

Quests can no longer quench my soul

My innards are shred as wounds to the world.

Open sores cover where once was a cross

Halielujah I’ve cried but find it hard to respond.

My armour was strong, my speed was my guide

To Jerusalem I rode with God on my side

For Christendom, eternity, In Hoc Signo Vinces

The steel of my sword that wielded the light.

Comrades whose love have camped by my side

Lay scattered, defeated, beaten & lost.

On this sand I now kneel my sword as my rest

My beliefs have deserted alone I must die.

Good knight is my prayer, 50 bezants were true

Exuvias Modo Mortales, just mere mortals to you.

Closing my eyes the trumpets have gone

Visions of Jesus & Godfrey before

As the sand passes over and creeps through my bones

Death is my end but a matyr am I


2 Responses to “The Knights Tale”

  1. sad and scary.

  2. powerful!

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