Tintagel – Birthplace of Arthur


Perched high upon this jutting cliff

The flint stood hard upon my feet

I lay with lizards and basked in warmth

As beneath the waves rose & swirled

Across the bay the castle walls

That stand in time & in a time

Many have been and dabbled in myths

To take the steps and do the climb.

Below the sea strikes on the rocks

And hides the cave where magic lies

As people wait for tides to drift

And venture down in search of quartz

The rolling slopes and ragged crags

Engulf the isle that now lays calm

Where once was death and battles fought

And magic brought the golden one

Behind my back stands Barras Nose

Who’s clash is vain with battling seas

As heat comes down and warms my soul

I lowered my head in prayer for thee

Whilst lost in thought of fallen foe

And knights that fought upon this spot

Of myths & legends within my heart

What was the power that turned the key

And waves that flow forever on

Like time can drift and so can life

Today I laid upon this cliff

And breathed the air absorbed as one

My eyes look out across this place

The colours that fester upon the land

From grass & rock & sand & sea

And birds that swoop in endless song

And those before and yet to come

Like beating rhythms within my mind

To find a place that brings you peace

As reality calls and beckons you home


One Response to “Tintagel – Birthplace of Arthur”

  1. simply fantastic pete. beautiful poem.

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