Darkness prevails in a world full of tears

Defeated in battle and vanquished afar

Alone and on board I’ve sailed through the mere

I’ve beckoned her name but sunk only to depths

The steel that once fuelled the soul of my kin

Belongs in the shrine of the hand of my liege

Who’s might I saw crumble as he fell to the ground

But found breathe to summon and ask me this deed

Yet death was a whisper so imminent my friend

As I knelt at the cross of your beloved Sword


4 Responses to “Bedivere”

  1. This series paying homage to Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table is absolutely gorgeous. The words laid down on the page are like strokes of a brush in the hands of a great Renaissance artist.

    You should be very proud, Me Marshall, because poetry like this is a rare and beautiful thing.

  2. this is beautiful.

  3. I hope things turn around for ya Pete 🙂

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