It’s Only A Game!

Pushy Parents are a problem and do not see the damage they cause. The English Football Association run a Respect Campaign, fronted by Ray Winstone, which promotes improved conduct of parents on the sidelines. This is my poem in support of this


As boys we dreamed and hoped to be

We watched the game and chose our team

Match day comes and passions rise

We gather in tribes & watch from sides

We’ve spent a week of misery

In life & work that has to be

Our only escape is on TV

And hope the wife stops nagging me!

Then match day comes & passions thrive

I stand and feel the bile’s rise

And those I cheer are part of me

The team I watch and want to be

He’s off his game it angers me

I shout I scream it should be me

Yet they all seem to disagree

But they don’t feel the pain in me

Coz he’s the best there’ll ever be

How dare he try to degrade me

He scores a goal no good for me

He should have scored already 3!

The whistle blows it comes to an end

I cross the pitch he sees a friend

But do I say “well done my son?”

I moan at him for missing one!

What right have I to tarnish thee

His garbled words his looks at me

An adults fears and misery

Are skills we teach too easily

We fail in life but hope they’ll be

The dreams we lost but yearn to see

He wants to be from watching me

I shout I swear accusingly

The love we shared can never be

We fight we scream so bitterly

He sits he stares he looks at me

Then turns his back forever on me!


3 Responses to “It’s Only A Game!”

  1. A magnificent piece my friend 🙂

  2. We have seen too many brawls regarding parents and disputes on the field. One scenario lasted the entire season and may have caused my son’s team to lose because the refs were so biased against the team with the out of control parents

    nice post

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