Left To Drift

It’s so easy to feel embittered, to want to point the finger of blame at someone, to feel as if the world has done you an injustice, to look at what others have got but before that comes self-doubt. Why me? What have I done in my life that is so bad that this is happening to me? What have my family done for this to happen to them? You start to question your own self-worth & it can fester. The more you let it fester the more it brings you down, and being negative in a situation like this helps no one.

I went through this stage & at times I still do. You may smile everyday but still the self-doubt sits inside.

For now I will leave you with my poem “Left To Drift” which was written during one of these moments;

Left To Drift

Storms of oblivion cloud my mind

As I battle to moor my inner conscience

Life was once an abundance of hope

Defeated & beaten by reckless dreams.

Embittered storms that ravage seas

Darkened clouds that strike with fear

With lowered heads we fight in vain

But waters always find a flaw.

Deep inside and further down

Visions of guilt burn through my mind

Release the pain in a barge of gold

But left to sail these waters alone.

Confused I wait upon my berth

Entangled doubts that weave my mind

Careless I drift alone and forlorn

As I battle the waves that engulf my soul.

Thursdays child was marked from birth

But shoes of stone have held him back

In a struggle of life that ponders deep

Where waters flow and never cease

Desperate times bring wish well friends

Brazen words and reckless deeds

Consume a passion that passes time

Yet plates lay bare & casks run dry.



Did I mention bitterness? Well maybe I shall dwell on that in a future Blog!


5 Responses to “Left To Drift”

  1. Perhaps you or a relative, along with Stuart Walker, intructed me about the angle of incidence?

  2. moondustwriter Says:

    Oh- Nice title and the rest is well written too!!!

  3. I’ve been there, Pete. I lost a job at the end of 1999 but was fortunate enough to do some freelancing and consulting for a while. But I know what it is, and you captured it exactly in the poem.

  4. moondustwriter Says:

    Reading again I catch the drifting feeling / a hopeless drift
    we all go thru those times don’t we

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