The Wall Of Glory

The poison that works within my soul

Chastises the angel that lives in my mind

Ahead is a battle a fight I must win

Aside are my brothers whose arms they do bear

We warrior clan that fight only for kin

With swords as our cross to protect us from sin

Roads that we tread are often retraced

Once more into battle once more we must brace

The poison controls and runs deep through my veins

My sword severs limbs my angers now rage

My shield is pushed tight the smell of his breath

Beneath I stab hard the warmth of his flesh

And on to the next as we stand side by side

Driven by brothers their blood curdling cries

The crush is unyielding pushing air from my lungs

My armour is heavy but my honour is strong

Yet on do I surge as the poisons runs deep

Chastising those angels that lived in my mind


4 Responses to “The Wall Of Glory”

  1. Awesome piece Pete 🙂

  2. wonderfully written.

    you painted the war scene with so little words.

  3. Joe Suzz Says:

    dude, i used to write “knight” poetry when i was in high school to my girlfriend. lol. i mean what says “i love you” like a gory battle. lol. :]
    so this brought me back to some old memories, and i like the line “My armour is heavy but my honour is strong”.

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