Water – The Bringer of Life

A stream that flows

Beyond the tree

Is kissed by rain

And reaching seas

Whilst in your mind

You hear the call

As waters carry

Hopes & dreams.

Trussed tight & firm

Within this jar

That floats on high

And floats afar

You stroke the force

Within your sole

That travels brooks

And journey’s home.

Upon your neck

The warming sun

That welcomes minds

No longer numb

And tastes awake

Your sweetened lips

That resonates

From swollen hips.

And gentle flutters

Swell your pride

As hands caress

The life inside

That brings in warmth

To comfort thee

With soothing throbs

As life flows free.

Whilst waters bring

An air of calm

That steadies berths

From troubled storms

You ride the flow

And gently rock

And feel the touch

That softly knocks……


12 Responses to “Water – The Bringer of Life”

  1. Wonderful. just beautiful.

  2. Wonderful poem.!

  3. waystationone Says:

    glad you joined the rally as well…hope you get quite a few visitors…was out by the river today and remembered your words…

  4. i like it! 🙂

  5. Hello,
    I placed your link in as participants,
    please visit 12 other participants to fulfill your assignment.

    have fun!

  6. Very good Pete 🙂

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