Within Four Walls

Looking for work becomes an obsession. I wasn’t a labourer, my work was office based. As times have changed so have the tools we use. Before long you find yourself living by the computer, furtively emailing & searching for jobs online. The ground works been done. Your CV is written, you are registered with Agencies but you can still use the internet!

As you spend your days sat in front of a screen, drinking endless cups of tea, you forget too easily that there is a life happening around you, within your home.

You forget that this doesn’t just affect you but your partner is also suffering. Her life has been turned upside down. Once there was security where now there’s struggle, whilst I linger, within four walls, & sometimes the pressure gives;

Within Four Walls


Within four walls I felt restraint

That pushed my minds own metaphor

And as my lips began to dry

Her scent entwined across the floor.

I dropped my stare as shadows danced

And felt those ills that burnt in me

As bile raised to rear itself

My heart felt pain so bitterly.

But all around were tiny views

That brought back doubts in magnitude

And then I saw the chimney breast

That signalled peace but hid regret.

And seas took hold in swirling rage

As gifts of love from other’s age

And eyes that winked as acid tore

Whilst ravaged hearts could take no more.

So when she spoke I heard a voice

That mocked my dreams forbidding choice

And as she threw those words at me

The slate felt cold on withered feet.

I felt her pain which frightened me

But slowly stood & turned away

I laughed at blame imprudently

Than face the truth we live each day……..


Don’t get me wrong, my partner & I are very close, but sometimes even the closest feel the strain.


14 Responses to “Within Four Walls”

  1. moondustwriter Says:

    I’m here my dear friend. checking in. looking good. I’m feeling the pain with you – nice!!!

  2. This is strictly AWESOME……4 walls can’t contain your legendary strides.


    Check out my blog for very soul-touching emotional poems;



  3. very heart moving piece. hope golden days dawn on you asap. wish you the very, very best in coming days.

    take care.

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  5. yeah, i feel you. been working part time for hte last year as i search for full time employment. and yes even the closest will feel the tension. we established fight rules a while back for just those moments. it definitely helps…and keeps it from getting personal.

    • Hey I’m glad you are liking the blog. Had quite a lot of good feedback about how its helping them etc. Plus it keeps me positive having something to do witht he time…..look out for the next posting!!!

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  7. wow thanks very much to all

  8. Wonderful Pete 🙂

  9. This was such a powerful write. The stress and heartache are so evident and the rhyme flows beautifully.

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