The Park

It’s funny how a bit of sunshine can bring a smile to your face. As spring warms the day suddenly the sound of children laughing & playing fills the air. Days like this are special, out come the bikes & off we go, a family as one, to the park. 

It’s also strange that as you let your mind drift & wander whilst lounging on the fresh mown grass you start to notice the difference between the haves & have not’s. When money & work was in abundance you took it for granted but now, no matter where you are & what you do, you cant help but notice it, the little things in people’s behaviour. You start to ask, who is more hard up, the person without work whose children are free to play without constraint or the person that’s trying to keep up the appearances of success? 

It was on a day like this when I wrote the following poem, The Park; 

The Park 

Ahead I see The Avenue 

Awash with trees & fiscal cool 

That slopes on down to drifting seas 

Beyond the park & buzzing scenes. 

On bright warm days & cloudless skies 

The park is filled with cheerful cries 

And adults play their willowed game 

As ball hits bat in Graces name. 

A family gathers amongst the shade 

Out comes food & lemonade 

A ball is kicked by budding stars 

The sound of skates upon the path. 


Where children see their school time friends 

And parents form their social trends 

An ice cream melts in gentle hands 

And stains the dress bought on the Strand. 

A child falls & rips his jeans 

His tears are real for precious things 

And parents scold whilst others tut 

The price of fun is far too much! 


But in the fields where lepers play 

That come from streets along the way 

Where kids run free in nothing clothes 

As parents meet & boundaries grow. 

Bonds are made and friendships set 

Ice-creams bought but not in debt 

Whilst those that sit in higher fields 

Prevent their young from social ills 

And look out on The Avenue 

Awash with cash & solitude 

That slopes on down invitingly 

Beyond the park & home for tea. 



Finding work suitable for my skills has been slow & coupled with rejections when you do find something this can be a bitter blow. Sometimes you need days when the sun shines & the kids are at home so you can escape, just for a while, and let your mind rest………………………… 


26 Responses to “The Park”

  1. nothing is more refreshing than company of children, if you enjoy it. they can snap me out of gloomiest mood. 🙂

  2. Christine Ramsay Says:

    An outstanding piece. The content and the flown blend beautifully. I am so pleased you have found this outlet for your work.


  3. Christine Ramsay Says:

    It should say flow not flown. sorry

  4. moondustwriter Says:

    In the US we say you nailed it!!!
    We too are in the state of having nothing but simple pleasures are so joyous. I think life sometimes comes with too large a price tag.
    Thanks for pointing us to the need for simplicity and reality

  5. Love this poem.

  6. Nice poem

  7. Very nice Pete 🙂

  8. tight poem peter…there sometimes is a striking difference as you portray…it seperates us…and it carries on into adulthood if we let it…

    • I was lucky growing up & was able to mix with both sides, but then, way back then, materialism wasnt the token it is now. As kids we didnt want for much, we just ran wild and didnt care (very well summed up in your recent magpie tale I must say). So many things have changed by the increase of media that wanting the best & wanting it now seems to be the case. Having the best & looking the part is very much seen as a portrayal of success these days. Cheers pal

  9. nice like mix of poetry an prose

  10. Adventerous…and joy filled 🙂

  11. this piece iw well written qs it portrays society’s ways. I like it this piece.

    Best regards,

  12. Corrected version

    This piece is well written as it portrays society’s ways. I like this piece.

    Best regards,

  13. Wonderful sentiments, and am happy that you were able to let those thoughts flow into this beautiful descriptive poem.

  14. Loved ones are everything and children the purity of it. Life is full of twists and turns, but usually they all bring somewhere. Nicely written, I really enjoyed reading “The Park”.

  15. playful spirits,
    you are naughty but absolutely cool.
    enjoyed your contribution very much!

  16. Such tenderness, honesty and beautiful verses.
    Happy Thursday!
    Mine is here

  17. mairmusic Says:

    The languid feel of the sunny day is in the flow of your words. nice.

  18. “Where children see their school time friends

    And parents form their social trends

    An ice cream melts in gentle hands

    And stains the dress bought on the Strand”

    very telling, this line. Thanks for this piece!

  19. very nicely written,,hope to learn a gret deal by reading this style in poem writing

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