HMS Leigh

If only for peace his swan song sighed

Amidst the gallant yet frightened few

With weary bones a heavy heart

Beat might when spied the resilient wharf

For ships who berthed they uttered words

In thanks for land upon this sea

As storms would rage to shatter strengths

In triumph our pier had welcomed thee.


Like those who’d trod its solid beams

And left these shores to honour King

Behind them stood our naval borough

Whose people echoed valiant deeds.

For ships that harboured off our shores

And streets of London prayed for calm

Forget we not our honoured task

To protect this land in air & sea.


2 Responses to “HMS Leigh”

  1. very beautifully written. loved the way you have written it.

  2. moondustwriter Says:

    Nice tribute to those who have gone out on the seas. England’s pride and joy was the Navy – understandably
    thanks for a thoughtful post

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