The Old Church Hall

The Old Church Hall

Where once we prayed

Now stands as flats

And concrete graves

And on the green

Where once we swayed

The trumpets blew

As bandstands played


Now scorched & broke

And tagged by youths

At night they come

In hooded groups

And thirteen years

For some is old

Who’ve sold their life’s

For alcohol


And older boys

With acne face

That fumble girls

Where once was grace

And bursting sacks

That strewn the place

And hardened boys

That court disgrace


And in the bushes

Amongst the shrubs

These children laugh

Where once were cubs

That used to meet

In the Old Church Hall

Where Akela’s spell

Would capture all……………


5 Responses to “The Old Church Hall”

  1. you’re at it again. lol

  2. what a shame.

  3. tight poem man….those old places now fallen….those young people falling…

  4. moondustwriter Says:

    I love the picture of growing up – kind of a bumpy road and seen plenty of ruins (both people and buildings).


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