Our Little Girl

We battled & conquered as we celebrated Our Little Girls birthday! The bills that went unpaid, the trips to every shop imaginable, looking for savings, with the money raised to buy her gifts that would make her smile. 

Its been a hard week but a week worth enduring. Our princess is happy, we are happy!  

The poem, Our Little Girl, written last night, is a celebration of what we achieved in honouring our princess on her special day; 

Our Little Girl 

In shallow pockets lie deepened dreams 

And stars that shine on little things 

Your smile was pure which warmed your face 

And joys beheld the gifts of grace 


As beauty spoke with gratitude 

A candles wish brought plenitude 

And friends that came to celebrate 

Filled heart with songs that resonate 


And pride this day walked through our home 

As plight forgot no longer known 

And stored in jars placed on the shelf 

Amongst the bills & vanished wealth 


The sun bestowed enriching rays 

As light proclaimed this greatest day 

And as you danced in merry whirl 

We gave it all our little girl 


Tomorrow the letters will start arriving, the phone will start ringing, people will want their money & I will search for ways to pay them. But that’s what you do because no matter how hard times maybe you give it all for these moments because it’s these moments that stay with them when you are long gone……..


6 Responses to “Our Little Girl”

  1. you are the best father. ideal father.
    my loving, wholehearted prayers are with you, for you.

    do you ever think about web based jobs?

  2. hi Trisha & thankyou for your praise & prayers. Positive praise is encouraging

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  4. Pete .. bet it was the best birthday your little princess has ever had .. you’re a special dad and a good, kind man .. loved this and will twitter, stumble and digg for ya mate :-)))))))

  5. moondustwriter Says:

    amazingly the candles held there glow even after they were blown out – for this dear family

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