The Hunger

Shadows danced

on blood washed walls

as dreams would melt

on bended knee.

A pulse that beat

would hide the truth

in rooms that dripped

with grime & sleaze.

And I was there

with you my friend

whose hand I held

that led the way.

And as you bathed

in youths free love

across the throat

my smile would fade.

We took the heights

in shanty town

awash with

sacred chants.

We watched belief

that called my soul

yet burned

my silver dream.

And as we left

I felt your heart

warm within my fist,

that beat a drum

to warn myself

of life’s most

vicious twists….


21 Responses to “The Hunger”

  1. a nice use and association of words, a cute poem.

  2. Wonderful poetry Pete 🙂

  3. awesome poem,
    you have been doing amazing job,
    you are well deserved the award.
    Happy Saturday!

  4. very beautiful, a little scary.

  5. Dear friend,

    A little award for you at my blog specially decked up for awards- accepting and sharing.
    With warmest affections,

  6. moondustwriter Says:

    well isn’t that creepy!!!

    nicely done Pete

  7. waystationone Says:

    wow. wicked cool poem today…love the quiet intensity…

  8. It’s deep and macabre. You have a great way of expressing yourself and getting the reader to feel what is meant to be fealt through your words and the images they depict, even though I believe the true meaning can only be known to you, the poet 🙂

  9. Hi & thanks fro your comments to everyone on this series. Eash poem follows so I hope you are wondering where its going? cheers Pete

  10. This reminded me of a voodoo scene I saw in some horror movie. Gripping. Really good use of rhyme Peter. Spine chilling indeed.

  11. LOVED that one Pete! in fact i am enjoying my ride in your wonderful hills is taking me places that i am almost speechless! would love if you could pass by my sanctuary as well..:) let me know what you think 🙂
    here.. ..thanks, keep it up!

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