16 Responses to “Accolon”

  1. Beautiful! I am so glad I read this.

  2. moondustwriter Says:

    The faithful knight – the faithful sword

    nicely done.

    Had a new appreciation for knights when I was in UK and watched a display from preparing a knight with all his accessories to the sword fighting.

    • The UK’s the place for it…steeped in history. Brought up on it and loved it..been to so mnay places with some many tales that have captured & inspired but to this day there is still nothing more spectacular than standing on the cliffs edge over looking Tintagel Castle with the bay beneath & Merlins cave……bliss


    How are you?
    the perfect poet award logos are changed, it is kind of messy this week, winners feel free to pick any one of those, including previous week logos to display…this is for your information!

    thank you.
    make sure to nominate one poet for week 16. thanks a million!


  4. awesome writing as always!
    enjoy your gift!

  5. fantastic. very beautifully written piece.


    Meme participation awards,
    Sorry for being late.
    It takes me days to have everyone notified!


    another poetry award 4 u.
    have a beautiful day!
    I appreciate your uplifting comments and handsome spirits.

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