Thursday’s Child

Following my daughters birthday things began to map out as I thought, only much worse….

Bills had been put off to ensure we could make her day a special one but they still had to be paid, and then I discovered the ones that I had missed! The cars yearly MOT was due, car tax had to be paid, TV Licence bought , the list went on, and my head just dropped. And then through the letterbox came the Court papers!!!

For the first time since I have been out of work I just felt completely overwhelmed by it all, but that’s when you find how fate can play such a strange part…

I am 42 years of age & the shame I felt at having to ring my parents to ask for money is something that I thought would never happen, but it did & I had to. To have to admit that you have failed is a humbling experience but thankfully they were able to provide.….

The following verse, Thursday’s Child, is reflective of my feelings at having to reach out during this period….

Thursday’s Child

Thursday’s child found hidden depths

As eyes betrayed a kindly heart

And mothers swell despite their shame

Whilst children’s hands hold tainted things


And heads that drop in sudden pain

Turn hearts that lead like royalty

Demand the pomp of yesterdays

But debts are sold too easily


And clothes that hole & start to fray

Whilst pots of gold line other lands

That wash themselves with purity

Find hands that scrub a withered stain


But joy is found when holding court

As dreams will fade beyond extreme

And take the turn of fabled tales

Whose pennies rain on empty things


With you, I cried, my kindred hope

As bread felt warm upon my plate

But eyes of blue still sit and stare

As cheeks are pinched by Thursdays fate



And this is where fate plays its part, the next day I checked my Bank account to find I had been credited for a Tax rebate..…..

I didn’t need the money from my parents, I was able to cover those debts outstanding & guess what, we packed our bags & cleared off for a few days giving the kids and ourselves a break from it all….

The Court papers are still there, I am still unemployed but now I have a clearer head and am ready to fight again…


40 Responses to “Thursday’s Child”

  1. great news! soon you will find a fantastic job too.

    beautiful poem. loved it. so you are a thursday born? i too am a thursday born.

    want to join a story writing game?

    We started a new story this week, help us finish it? I am TAGGING YOU.. please go to
    to write the next 1-3 lines to a story yet told! Once you have done that, please TAG others too.

  2. Hi Trisha…done it but who shall I tag?

    • Tag whoever you like, Pete….
      thank you for being so kind to play!

      That aside, I have read through your post and what I am saying to you is…
      Do not despair. GOD KNOWS BEST.
      Life is not TOUGHER than you are made out to be.
      Life can be very humbling but soon ,
      you will be getting the break you need.
      We are here to lend our friendship and kinship and prayers.
      We hope and pray only the best for you and your family.

      You write SO WELL.
      love to see more.


    • i loved playing it, shakira already told you the answer. 🙂 thanks shakira for tagging me.

  3. what beautiful post,
    sweet memories,
    grand wishes!
    Cool poem!

  4. moondustwriter Says:

    you can tag me!!!!

    I’m a Thursday child too

    Pete – really well done – thanks for pouring your heart out. There is an end in sight

    • surprised at how many Thursdays childs there are, even my daughter is!!!

      my parents used to say i would be famouns, you know, “Thursdays child has far to go”..wasnt till i was older did I realise that it meant life would be a long long journey………..

  5. hey man, no shame in asking for help when needed. though it is humbling…i had to do it…and i got that rebate check too which helps us breathe a bit…yay for you man!

  6. I am a thursday born…
    i found the poem very touching…
    hope you will find a job soon 🙂

  7. Pete:

    Please visit about 12 poets from fresh poets lists,
    make sure they are the ones you never visited…

    thanks for the valuable contribution!
    you are promising!

  8. okay will go for new ones only, hopefully tomorrow cheers for the praise Pete

  9. mairmusic Says:

    Hey– so there is bad luck in your present, it sounds like your karma is just fine, and your family is a treasure beyond compare. Nicely written!


    I honor you the three awards from my post, please feel free to share with your other poetry friends…
    have fun!
    thank you for the long time support.

  11. this is beautifull… deep .. loved it .. !

  12. This made me well up. I know how you feel. I’ve just seen the light at the end of the tunnel, after a year and a half, I have my little ones. It does get better when it looks black and soon you’ll be looking back and moving on. Glorious writing. I’ve placed you on my blogroll, deservedly so.

    • Hi Shan, thanks for your comments & also for adding me to your blog. It seems so many of us have suffered recently & I am finding strength & confort from you all

  13. That was painfully poignant. Such a difficult place to be in, but you present lovely imagery to illustrate your pain. Hope that a silver lining starts to creep in soon. Thanks for visiting me.

  14. Do not despair; a new door awaits, just keep searching and when it makes its presence known, do not hesitate to open it and step forward. Best wishes, Heartspell

  15. This is such a powerful poem. Thank you for sharing the story behind it as well. I am never brave enough to do that. But your’s is a story I can relate to as I am sure many others can as well. Thank you again for sharing.

    • hi tara & thanks for your comments. Been writing this as a series for a little while and going on some of the twitters I receive it is actually providing help to others also!!! cheers Pete

  16. I’m glad you were able to pull through. Life’s lesson comes in so many ways. Consider this as one of them…Cheers brother!

  17. a lovely well written poem 🙂

  18. Yay! A tax rebate.

    Just keep positive, one foot in front of the other, moving. The lands of gold are probably closer than you realize!!

  19. Your emotions are on full display, great poem, straight from the heart!

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