The Jackal

Darkened storms brought cooling air
That bathed a face of tempered sweat
As children turned to leave this place
You watched from high at life’s despair.
And theatred dreams hold cherished themes
That took you high in glowing lights
As parts were played you filled the stage
And smiled as others walk your path.
Now hold your  breath and hear the beat
Of pulses drum within your ear
But blood wont rush or run as pure
As jackal prowls your hidden fear.
Inside this place hung heavens door
That trapped a rook within its spire
And as the bells would resonate
Feathers fell in anguished flight.
And wings would thrash as talons scratched
With eyes like emberred coals
Whilst in the yard where graves are kept
The yews would shake & throe.
Above the moon a cackled laugh
As jackal watched on higher ground
And Reverence prayed & held on to
A chaliced cup from poisoned lands.
The vixens yelp was sharp & shrill
As jackal paced his trodden realm
In silvered light her cubs would play
As blood splayed fresh upon his tongue.
He sauntered down beyond the grave
Where once had laid a bridled groom
He stretched his claws and pawed the earth
And scented wafts of sweet perfume.
Yet still she watched from high above
As rook would flap its weary beat
And curl her lips at wicked thoughts
For soon she knew they both would meet………

40 Responses to “The Jackal”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Pete Marshall, Pete Marshall. Pete Marshall said: The Jackal: […]

  2. hi Pete, wow liked this friend, u can write a good poem/story, good imagery friend, well done 🙂

  3. excellent!

  4. this is absolutely creepy, the more i read it, the worse the chills on my spine! it’s amazing to me how your words could evoke such response in my…i almost chicked out during the first paragraph, knowing i was going to be scared out of my wits, but it was too late to stop…i was already hooked!

  5. pete, great job…you created quite the tension and your imagery is excelent. i am enjoying this series…

  6. I’m really enjoying this series. The jackal a recurring theme works for you as the harbinger of the otherwordly. Looks like mythical creatures and lands play a big part in your writing too. Very much appreciated and looking forward to reading more of the same 🙂

  7. Great points! I will be checking back here often!

  8. moondustwriter Says:

    the nightmare continues to get darker
    well done

    I’m liking seeing all the comments – it’s going great Pete

    • got you in on this one..above the moon a cackled laugh!!!!

      comments are good on this one & really enjoying writing it..its an escape from the other series that’s too close to heart!!!!

      cheers Pete

  9. welcome in.
    thanks for the support!

  10. wow that is an awesome write… dark and powerful write… 🙂

  11. deep…amazing imagery..beautiful story……loved it……!!!

  12. mairmusic Says:

    Poe is smiling up there in poet’s heaven– great read!

  13. awesome as always

  14. cool poem..your poem somewhat reminded me of dante’s always.. 😉

  15. magnificent poem, Pete…well done!

    Mine is here
    Happy Sensational Wednesday!

  16. Jess Killmenow Says:

    A classic ballad. Well done.

  17. That was excellent, and so atmospheric.

  18. That is really good writing!

  19. I’m having a look around. It seems that you have a real fan club.

  20. the way of your writing is sometimes breathtaking. this poem was very interesting though will have to read again to grasp the core meaning.

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