The Last Will & Testament Of……

Reflecting disdainfully,

remembering painfully,

upsetting, annoying, troublesome.

Bickering, sarcastic,

disputing, bombastic,

arrogant, conceited, unwelcome.

Fastidious relations,

private fixations,

foreboding, disturbing resentment.

Silently scheming,

nobody weeping,

selfish, unblinking, TRIUMPHANT!


10 Responses to “The Last Will & Testament Of……”

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  2. it is not that you do not deserve things,
    it is that the wheels have to turn,
    everyone gets one’s own turns…
    cheer up,
    you are very handsome when you smile!

  3. yay for triumph…

  4. I love poems that make everything feel/think something different. I think this is one of those…. powerful words.

    • thanks Tara, thus one makes me snigger cause I can just see them all sitting there, their private thoughts etc, the looks they give each other, hoping, dreaming etc


    Three awards for poetry,
    the most honest poet award,
    the most open minded poet award,
    the most intelligent poet award,

    two general awards,
    the big heart award,
    you are the princess snow-white award.

    Hope that you enjoy these 5 award.
    Happy Weekend!

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