The Voyage..(A story in 160 characters)


Maidens voyage fought violent storms
Whilst seas would swamp our battered decks
But dreams are raised from stronger things
As journeys searched for treasure chests…….


For more marvellous stories in 160 go to (monkey man)


35 Responses to “The Voyage..(A story in 160 characters)”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Pete Marshall. Pete Marshall said: The Voyage..(A story in 160 characters): […]

  2. Monkey Man Says:

    Great 160 Peter. I love the imagery you created. Thanks for playing and have a solid Sunday.

  3. great 160…i like voyages and ships and treasure…i still dream of being a pirate…

  4. aaarrr matey you did it afterall

    Nicely done

    Happy Monday

  5. well said,
    strong and natural flow!

  6. i am tagging you for a funny story writing game, dont be mad 🙂 🙂

    the game is at:

    my post is at:

    you can check it out. i am already in.

    happy week ahead.

  7. where are you?

  8. nice to hear from you,
    Happy Tuesday!


    week 18 perfect poet award reminder,
    please at least nominate one poet by commenting…
    hope to see a new poem.

  10. thats so cool pete.
    another good one

  11. Adventures, ships, treasure…all that excitement is just a few short lines, awesome!

  12. Wow Pete, what a story in 160! I feel like I’ve run of Snowdon LOL! 🙂 Excellent as always Mr M

  13. a lovely fluent poem.well, done pete.

  14. hey, want to write a few lines in the new story at Tara Miller?

    it looks like a really funny story 🙂

  15. Pete,

    Jingle has an award for you here:

    Great job!

    Tim Keeton
    (Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tale

  16. i like this part the most 🙂 “As journeys searched for treasure chests…….” great story for 160 characters 🙂 i’d try to make 😀

  17. moondustwriter Says:

    nice 160 I’ve been in the sea theme this weekend
    you go after the treasure

    • i tried, found the chest & started to dig, but the spade snapped and water started to fill the hole!!!! I used my hands and clawed for hours, when i finally pulled the damn thing up it had rotted and turned to slush

  18. hi Pete this was amazing, very well written 🙂

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