The Journey Home

Beyond I see a clear warm day
That wraps its arms and pulls me close
And as my hand is held aloft
I shield the sun from squinting eyes
I searched for ships with laden things
That rode the tide and anchored home
And saw them row as muscles strained
Upon the waves that splashed their bow
The sun bore down on beaten backs
That carried scars of tortured souls
But as we worked in peace as one
We felt the pain of callused palms
And from the boat I gently slipped
Awash with hope and soaked with swell
To stop the clocks that marked decline
In mists that soaked the sands of time
My senses filled and took me back
On trips that brought me to this door
I watched you sit upon the stair
And wipe the tears that came afore
I took a breath and stepped inside
To see the place that once was home
And smelt the air of long gone dreams
That left in haste as fledglings roam
I saw the stairs I’d often climb
That led me to my place of sleep
Where here I planned my future life
But rushed to quick to see the sea
Yet twenty years or more have passed
And still you live inside your shell
O’ how I yearn to be that child
Inside my bed when all was well
But like the sea that drifts & splays
I rode the crest of rushing waves
And sands of time can only stop
When crushed beneath their broken clock……………….

17 Responses to “The Journey Home”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Pete Marshall, Pete Marshall. Pete Marshall said: The Journey Home: […]

  2. This poem is so beautiful and relaxing to read. It’s flow is perfect. WOW, what an excellent poet you are. One of the best that I have ever read.

    • hi viola, thank you for those wonderful comments, and i am so glad this was well received, this is a little part of this that is so personal that as i wrote it i had a tear in my eye. For someone to read it and say that this is one of the best poems they have ever read makes it all so worthwhile, regards Pete

  3. Christine ramsay Says:

    Your poems really move me. I love the flow and rhythm of them and your wonderful use of words and imagery with which you bring them to life.
    An outstanding piece.


    • hi Christine, thanks again for reading, on my comment just now i mentioned about a couple of lines being very personal in this that did upset me when i wrote it so its pleasing to know when you put that part of yourself into it and lay it open for the world to see its so well received. Thanks again Pete

  4. Gorgeous poetry with an easy flowing rhythm and tempo. The word usage is beautiful. Lovely piece!

    • Hi Debra, thank you for your kind comments, to get the flow right i must have reread this a 100 times and even though i have finished i am still unsure about the last line!!! never happy!!!!!

  5. moondustwriter Says:

    it reads beautifully Pete
    another one so well crafted by your hand

  6. Not only are the words expertly chosen, but there is such a beautiful rhttn and flow to them. It is like a poem of long ago. Nicely done! I also wanted to congratulate you on your recent poetry awards!

  7. Simply fantastic. its full of nostalgia and beauty. how beautiful were those days when we were children- eyes full of hope, heart full of trust.

  8. I really like how vivid the character is in my mind. Your poem reminds me of a lot of people I’ve met over the years, especially since you chose to use imagery of the ocean, making it very easy to relate to on every level.

  9. This is when reading is so much better than TV. The images come alive in my head and I can hear and smell the environment around me like I am there. I can feel the emotion and resigination. I’ll be coming back here a lot. So many stories left to read. great job


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