Act 4 – The Tomb

As shadows loomed in moonlit flecks
That crossed the paths of trodden ground
And on a grave a rook would sit
That spread its wings, a cackled sound.
The stones they told a tale or two
Of lovers lost and lovers found
And as you breathed the stagnant air
You took in thoughts of life’s unknown.
And wolves would howl and crows would caw
As rooks would fly to jackals door
Who sensed an air that troubled souls
Of gods before who fell in time.
Drapes were pulled that hemmed her in
Within a room where hearts had bled
And fabric fought with spiders web
That crossed the posts upon her bed.
And tapestries told woven tales
As mirrors hung above the hearth
Candles burned in flickered light
A heavy scent of dampened earth.
And as I plunged into the depths
And tasted sweet yet sickly things
I reeled as clothes were bathed in blood
And cried myself to challenged sleep
Delores climbed upon the tomb
And raised her skirts in spite of lust
As jackal sniffed and licked his lips
He watched her moan and ache for blood.
As theatres broke the sudden calm
And people left their worldly state
Outside in graves she played her part
As jackal watched in patient wait.
The flows of rhyme that tainted dreams
Were gone to all that left this place
Delores urged to hold onto
And act once more upon her stage………..

49 Responses to “Act 4 – The Tomb”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Glynn Young, Pete Marshall. Pete Marshall said: RT @gyoung9751: Act 4 – The Tomb, new poem by @petemarshall1 […]

  2. Sorry about no reading this wonderful post sooner Pete, but my husband takes up a lot of my time with him still being ill. I enjoyed reading your story poem.

  3. sad,
    full of details.
    wonderful job!

  4. this is a masterpiece! vivid imagery , lovely diction , nice rhyming and a flowing pattern .well done Pete.

  5. soulintention: signed .............bkm Says:

    Very vivid indeed (sad) and well done….bkm

  6. This was so dark and intriguing. Very vivid story telling.

  7. great adventure, so vivid. Love this line -And cried myself to challenged sleep . Awesome!

  8. wow pete…this one is pretty amazing…you paint quite the story with your words…

  9. let me know after you are done visiting.

  10. Brilliant, dark and deep.

  11. Liked this one. Very nicely written!

    Suja (writequill)

  12. mairmusic Says:

    As bards of old… are you sure you are really from our century? Love you way with words!

  13. you have a unique handle on words. Your play on words is remarkable. Reading your word is refreshing.

  14. sorry that i’m a bit late.
    I had a killer day at work.
    The thing i liked most about this one was the terrific rhythm

  15. Vivid images. Solid poem Pete.

  16. Very vivid and well written — I actually double-checked as I started reading to make sure it wasn’t attributed to someone famous and, no, it wasn’t — fantastic job!

  17. its breathtaking- i wont say beautiful. i would say that you wrote it in a way that i had to finish it in one breath.

    Peace n happiness 4U 4Ever.

  18. moondustwriter Says:

    grabbing -literally
    I’m still not sure what stage she is actually one
    wow you could build on this thriller

    Happy Friday my friend

  19. This is a very powerful and beautiful ‘classical’- style poem. I like every word; your narrative is masterly. Well done indeed! To my eyes, there are ‘shades’ (no pun intended), in style of Shelley, Byron and Poe here and I hope you will accept my comment as a deep compliment that is intended, but having compared you with these ‘giants’ I also see that that your style is unique and very impressive. As to the story itself? Riveting! I have not read the previous parts, and I imagine they are just as clever and mesmerising as this part is. You are impressively talented. I admire your work here.

    ps: thank you for coming over to my blog and for your kind comments there. I too have written some ‘dark poetry’ but right now my ‘lighter’ poems are in flood, and the ‘dark poetry’ is tucked away in the archives.

  20. you always make cool poetry! real cool! and youre great! yey! 😀

  21. Wow, this was an incredible poem! You have a mastery of words, rhythm and rhyme, but also evoke such emotion. Nicely done! Loved it!


    Please help send hugs and good wishes to Viola and Ibok…
    thanks a ton!

  23. Christine ramsay Says:

    Pete, this is another outstanding piece. You have such a great talent for this kind of writing.


  24. Pete you go from strength to strength I’m so glad I made time this evening to read the continuation of this series. Have you approached bloodaxe? They adore this kind of work?xxx

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