My New Poem The Grove Is Exclusive On We Like To Write

The Grove: A Poem Dedicated To A Street Near You.

The Grove – This is my new poem which I have put out exclusive in the magazine We Like To Write. This site is dedicated to writers of which I have become a founding premium member. Please view my poem & come and join me on this brave new adventure…I look forward to seeing you there……thanks as always for your support


25 Responses to “My New Poem The Grove Is Exclusive On We Like To Write”

  1. Nice work I can especially relate to one particular line which I will not disclose here as a spoiler but we have them in every home in my town! Godspeed in your new journey!

  2. waystationone Says:

    it is a nice poem…i checked it out and tried to register but i am waiting on admin approval…

  3. soulintention: signed .............bkm Says:

    very well done, reminds me for the Watts district in LA…. there are to many streets like that throughout the world…..I registered also…. hopefully am approved….thank you for letting me know…bkm

  4. moondustwriter Says:

    Like it Pete and like the site. Hope it’s going well
    I’ve seen many areas in the world where the mattress includes a family huddled on top. Think we will see more with the growing economic downturn

    Nice my friend

  5. Christine ramsay Says:

    Another great poem. I recognise your words from streets where I have lived. You are so good at creating images in your poetry.


  6. well done, Pete. I am praying for you to build up your career in writing.
    I have registered in your new blog.
    I will put it my blogroll.
    wish you all the best.

  7. wow,
    you amaze us…
    beautiful job!
    I visited, but could not comment.
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. pete`this was superb friend, well written 🙂


    celebrate blogger of April awards,
    plus general on bottom..
    Thank you for the contributions!
    Have An Award Winning Wednesday!

  10. congratulations for the new venture.
    may God bless you with stunning success.

    wish you the very best dear friend.
    peace n happiness 4u4ever

  11. what a gorgegous poem. you will see me in your website soon.

    thanks for giving the url.

  12. You captured something very real here.
    It’s easy to relate to

  13. bldherenow Says:

    Hello, I would like to invite you to join; The Poetic Voice Community. It is a writer’s site where you can enter contests – add poetry and get feedback. The latest entries are listed on the blog posts. Click on link, and check us out! Then join, and post.


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