The Scarecrow & The Cougar: Poetry From The Darkened Tales Series

My new poem from the Darkened Tales Series has been placed with We Like To Write

The Scarecrow & The Cougar

This poem introduces new characters whilst continuing the Darkened Tale. Many thanks for viewing


19 Responses to “The Scarecrow & The Cougar: Poetry From The Darkened Tales Series”

  1. Pete your poem The Scarecrow & The Cougar is an excellent poem written with much expression and a easy flow. A scary story written in the foram of a poem, with great style. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Again I’m amazed. I adored it Pete, thanks for sharing

  3. That was incredible, Pete. Nice website too. Best of luck with that! You are a wordsmith.

  4. very good imagery pete, keep up the great work 🙂

  5. take your time…
    have fun!

  6. caroompas Says:

    Nice. Love the texture.

  7. pete that was one of my favs of yours yet…
    need to go over and play with my profile a bit and get up to speek on the Writing site…

  8. mairmusic Says:

    Nice read! I tried to find a way to comment on the other site, but couldn’t. Luckily Jingle re-directed me here…


    three poetry awards,
    4 general awards…
    Enjoy the moment.
    Thank you for the contribution on poetry..

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