>Come On England……..Tales in 160 Characters


Come On England
In prayer I’ll let the face paint dry 
As three lions roar in cider me
For Rooney and Cole I’ll wear the flag
Come three they play for all OUR dreams


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17 Responses to “>Come On England……..Tales in 160 Characters”

  1. >Well, since we are out of the running, I can root for England along with you. I sure like your "cheer." I especially like the phrase "roar in cider me."

  2. >This is for the World Cup, right? A friend of mine was following the USA team and giving me blow-by-blow reports. It's been fun.

  3. >Now that USA is out, I'll be cheering for my roots – England. Thanks for being a part of the Sunday 160.

  4. >I'm cheering for Uruguay. I love soccer and wish it was our national sport (here in the U.S.) instead of football.

  5. >I'll root for England since we're out! Go England!Fun poem by the way. Just how much cider is in cider you?http://harrischanningauthor.blogspot.com/?zx=1a2d3ae6491635a5

  6. >nice 160 pete…best of luck to you…we choked….i am back and will return your emails in a bit…

  7. >awe pete it was tragic, they played shit… pity 🙂

  8. >Soccer, huh? USA is out soGo England! great 160 =)

  9. >Interesting and well done — good read Joanny

  10. >Sorry :(Nice rooting section in 160

  11. >don't follow the sport but I enjoyed your team spirit nicely done!

  12. >You know i didn't eve take an interest this time.I knew we wouldn't get anywhere.Not with so many cathedral sized ego's in one team.lol.I like the poem though

  13. >you let me down and i have spent a week in tears!!!!!

  14. >shining 160.Cheers!;)

  15. >this is a weird world cup for sure.

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