>The Sacrifice..(A Tale In 160 Characters)


The Sacrifice….(A Tale In 160 Characters)
By Pete Marshall
I travelled deep into her wretched heart
and staked my claim upon her will
I watched her screams whilst darkness danced
And prayed with friends that gathered still

for more tales in 160 visit monkeyman

image creative commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/mugley/

19 Responses to “>The Sacrifice..(A Tale In 160 Characters)”

  1. >to me, sounds like marriage haha

  2. >ouch, kay. lol.your 160 sounds like its got some bite pete…smiles. how bout a garlic necklace?my 160 is up!

  3. >sounds scary – glad I do not sit in a foggy dark place while reading it..

  4. >Oh, creepy! Still, everlasting life… Nah, not worth it.Excellent, Pete.

  5. >Awesome! This 160 has bite!

  6. >wow, this was rather chilling, peter! makes me glad i'm sitting in broad daylight as i read it ;)i stopped by the one stop blog a while ago and read the most fabulous work about the strip and a limo…it was accredited to peter marshall. was it you?? if so, it was WONDERFUL!!

  7. >Amazing what can be said in only 160. Brilliant post and thanks for playing.

  8. >Wow, that's pretty dark but very good! Here's mine: http://harrischanningauthor.blogspot.com

  9. >Whoooaa… that was chilling and cruel!!! But very good!!!

  10. >But who is the vampire? No, wait. You never did mention a vampire. What am I thinking?

  11. >Chilling…I literally got goosebumps reading this. The last line is the scariest of all.

  12. >HHMMMMMMM AND i THOUGHT MY EX WAS COLD lolFire AntsThanks For reading

  13. >interesting 160,it does not sound like you.mine is up,simply click on my name to get to my blogger account. thank you.

  14. >I'm reading a Charlaine Harris series right now…She's good, but this was better 🙂

  15. >Good job, that was chilling!! -C

  16. >Another amazing and very well written piece.Christine

  17. >excellent, i really must try this out

  18. >That was wretchedouch is right

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