>The Haunting….(A Tale In 160 Characters)


The Haunting…(A Tale In 160 Characters)
by Pete Marshall
Shivering and scared we would hide in fear
As we watched you glide across the room
And through your face we saw no smile
Whilst midnight songs would play your tune

for more tales in 160 visit monkeyman


image courtesy creative commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomasrotger/

12 Responses to “>The Haunting….(A Tale In 160 Characters)”

  1. >she really should learn to smile…smiles.

  2. >I'm laughing at Brian's comment because as I was reading this I thought, "Would it kill you to smile once in a while?" Alas, it probably did… 😛

  3. >ooooo very creepy mate 🙂

  4. >ooh, the photo is scary…very fitting for someone who brings this kind of response!! such a good write, your 160, peter 🙂

  5. >The photo brings it all together…but great and creepy all in 160 characters!

  6. >creepy indeed…well done!

  7. >Spoooky 160. Thanks for playing, Peter. Much apreciated.

  8. >I really have gotten behind my friendIt must be late – I read this as an apparition. One you need to hide fromsmiles from the Moon

  9. >The image is eery and this a cool 160 Pete and yes hope the smiles come back ~

  10. >Oh, Pete this is lovely and wonderfully dark. My mind tends to flow in that direction. Just found you on the Undead site. It is much fun to fill them with my darker thoughts. See you there my friend.Melanie

  11. >I loved this poem. The paranormal has always fascinated me. This piece shows that there are souls that are trapped in an in between state of life and death. One feels sympathy rather than fear. Wonderful.

  12. >hi all and thanks for your wonderful comments..is a bit scary this one..cheers Pete

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