>The River Runs Wild…(A Tale In 160 Characters)


The River Runs Wild…
(A Tale In 160 Characters) 
By Pete Marshall

The current flowed beyond the rocks
Where fish would dart and children stopped
And mothers would grieve on Parson’s Lawn
As waters still flowed from dusk till dawn

for more tales in 160 visit monkeyman



24 Responses to “>The River Runs Wild…(A Tale In 160 Characters)”

  1. >and the river rolls on…nice 160 pete…

  2. >Your few words sure made the river feel wild. Nicely done 🙂

  3. >Pete, this is beautiful and so poignant. I really like it. And welcome back!

  4. >Pretty! I like it and am ready to see it for myself! Good one!

  5. >So much packed into your 160c. Well done!

  6. >So much packed into your 160c. Well done!

  7. >This is so poetic. Such nice rhythm.

  8. >Welcome back, Pete. Great 160. I would have seen the image through your words alone.

  9. >Another masterpiece like all of your poetry. I just love your work.Christine

  10. >can feel the flow in your words – and hear the river song..

  11. >Pete that was some beautiful writing there my blog friend you raised the bar on 160. Glad you back in the swing of the community again.Joanny

  12. >Good to have you back, Pete! :)Let the waters roll on…

  13. >very nice pete, well written 🙂

  14. >Welcome back Pete…loved the flow of the current from dusk till dawn~

  15. >A beautiful and haunting rhyme! Loved it!

  16. >The juxtapositon of the life around and in the water and the mothers grieving…you pack a lot in 160 characters!Lovely to have you back, Pete.

  17. >A beautiful analogy.. Life too goes on.. Things come our way, they go.. but we march on, with the eternal hope of finding our dawn as well.. A beautifully out verse here, Pete..Thanks for this lovely 160!

  18. >spent a lot of time over the last week amongst the rivers & sea..needless to say the danger is always there..thanks for reading guys..Pete

  19. >welcome back…http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/08/02/the-celebrate-blogger-awards-plus-prayers-4-viola/you have a runner up on short stories award in my wordpress.com…Happy Monday!

  20. >beautiful 160.

  21. >Rivers stop for no one. Nice 160, musical…like the water's song.-C

  22. >Quite lovely 160.

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