>The Red House…(A Tale In 160 Characters)


The Red House: 
A Poem By Pete Marshall
Who would live behind this red brick wall
Where flowers are left to grow so tall
Whose doors are locked to one and all
And windows are closed to drown their calls?
This picture has been hanging in our house for nearly 5 years and was drawn when my son was in reception (that’s first year at school, aged 4 -5). Its a glorious picture that always makes me smile, but I felt it was time to give it a twist!!! 

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22 Responses to “>The Red House…(A Tale In 160 Characters)”

  1. >i like the match up of words with the drawing.question:what does it mean to be in reception?

  2. >an intriguing verse to go with the picture pete…does that mean in labor?

  3. >really nice, peter…it's as if you gave the drawing a whole new life! i think my husband lived in there at one time πŸ™‚

  4. >Such a cheery photo, but the words are somewhat ominous, somehow…Nice 160!-C

  5. >That is quite the twist to your son's picture. I love the dark suggestion.

  6. >ha, to all you Americans..reception is their first year at school. aged 4 – 5 approx…cheers Pete

  7. >huuuhh – you managed to create a mysterious atmosphere for this friendly picture….but mysterious things can look friendly on first sight – right?like the pic and what i like most is that the flowers have almost the same height as the trees..

  8. >What a fun interpretation of the drawing. I love kids' boundless perspectives. Great 160. Thanks for playing.

  9. >i am being sort of reflective today, your poem seems to correspond to my 160 about my son today. It is almost a story of his life..him and your red brick house have a lot in common

  10. >Great twist from such a great muse πŸ™‚

  11. >I really like these 160's I have to remember to try one out

  12. >excellent flow,I enjoyed your style here.

  13. >Who knew that inspiration was hanging up there all of those years?Great Job!!

  14. >I love that you wrote a verse for your son's drawing. That drawing and other art your children bring you are things you cherish forever. At Christmas, I still hang paper ornaments made by the little hands of children now older than I was when they brought them home. (Much to their embarrassment.)

  15. >Nicely done link with that picture your child drew. Both made me smile.

  16. >Very sweet that you kept the picture. I don't think anything I drew in reception has survived… but then maybe my houses were not so pretty.

  17. >hi to one and all that commented on this piece..yep the picture is a favourite of ours from a time whne my oldest was very young and starting out at school..times have changed and he is older but no matter how old we still love him just as much and see that little boy in him..cheers Pete

  18. >I love the choice of inspiration here – nice work on giving an old objecta fresh interpretation.

  19. >ms weger..thanks for enjoying this..i like doing the 160's and they are quite tricky..cheers Pete

  20. >I love this! Joyous picture and great words with it!

  21. >It is a charming picture … and your verse is equally so. Lovely, Pete!

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