>Eye, Eye Cap’n: A Poem By Pete Marshall


Eye, Eye Cap’n:
 A Poem By Pete Marshall

The seas would lap upon the hull
and gently wash their starboard bow
the sails were rolled into the boom
and winds too far to journey now

They stood in line alone in berth
A breeze would rattle empty masks
the sailors gone in town to dance
as captains sample rum from casks

But from the shore a man would watch
as pirates stroked their silent oars
between their teeth clenched sharpened blades
and on his shoulder a blue macaw…


this is my poem inspired by the above image, taken by Adam Dustus, for the One Shoot Sunday picture prompt & photo feedback

25 Responses to “>Eye, Eye Cap’n: A Poem By Pete Marshall”

  1. >vampires, pirates – what you're coming up next with Mr. Marshall…smilesvery nice poem though – i have to admit – the pirates give it the adventurous beat….i have posted one as well in response to Adam's promt – but there are no pirates in mine….have a great sunday pete!

  2. >eeee :Dnice 🙂

  3. >Shiver me timbers and a deadman's chest…my take

  4. >Cheers Claudia…its was a quick response to a great photo..and it seemed to work..cheers Pete

  5. >Harshika & John..many thanks for commenting and glad you liked..cheers Pete

  6. >arrrg! shiver me timbers but ye speek so eloquently…smiles.

  7. >oh peter, the imagery you created with your prose is powerful with color and the stench of a seaport dock…fantastic work, my friend!

  8. >hi bri..cheers me hearty

  9. >hi sheri..thanks for such a beautiful comment..this was put together in 10 mins when i saw the photo so quite proud..cheers pete

  10. >Pete My Boy….You Rocked this one out!Loved your 160 LOTS…I'm a Big Poe Fan!!!

  11. >Good ol' pirates. Always keeping things interesting. Nice response to the photo, Pete! Eloquently done, with some lovely visuals contained within that imagery.

  12. >hi g-man & chris glad you both liked this little ditty for One Shoot Sunday..cheers pete

  13. >Great job, very thrilling, Pete.I have an award for you :)http://imagina1.wordpress.com/2010/08/16/fine-awards/Have a good day!

  14. >Oh yeah, you just know this isn't going to go down well. I give this a hearty "aaarrr" of aaarrrproval. 😀

  15. >A very enjoyable piece. I love the images you portrayCaithness2

  16. >Shivery but eloquent … puts me in mind of some good old time movies actually. Adams photo is wonderful too.Thanks for the pleasure of this post, Pete.

  17. >Pete, that was awesome for the prompt!Great work 🙂

  18. >How easily poems seem to flow from your pen (or keyboard). Anyone who knows anything about art knows that the easier it looks the more difficult to master. Reading your poems is like watching a prima ballerina- effortless, gliding, strong, sensual, and brilliant.

  19. >What a wonderful adventurous poem. It left me fearing I'd be walking the plank!

  20. >Hi Imagina…thanks for commenting and your award..cheers Petethanks for commenting..whyeygyptthanks Tony..and a hearty aaaaaar to you tooHi Christine..as always love you visiting..cheers PeteHi jamie..thanks for the comments glad you liked..yep douglas fairbanks and all eh LOL

  21. >Hi Dustus…well done with the One Shoot..the picture got me going..cheers Petemany, many thanks Beachanny..a very special comment..think i will treasure that one..cheers PeteHi teresa..dont do it!!!!..cheers Petethanks anky for commenting..cheers Pete

  22. >Nice. I like the bit about the "rum from casks", Matey!

  23. >thanks willow..kinda look forward to see what dustus comes up with next week..cheers Pete

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