>The Dance of the Masquerade….(A Tale In 160 Characters)


The Dance of the Masquerade…
(A Tale In 160 Characters) By Pete Marshall

Oh how the joys of youth would cry
Whilst mouths were fed their veins ran dry
With those that joined this masquerade
They’d dance through realms their masters made


Couldn’t resist it, an ode to vampires & all things Poe! Hope you enjoyed my 160?

For more marvellous tales in 160 characters visit monkeyman

image courtesy creative commons flick http://www.flickr.com/photos/redbettyblack/

22 Responses to “>The Dance of the Masquerade….(A Tale In 160 Characters)”

  1. >oh pete – you always make me shiver with your vampires….but – yeah – i enjoyed your 160!!

  2. >pete…this poem sucks…blood…lol. oh so very nice…like me some poe! nice 160!

  3. >hi claudia…glad you shivered LOL cheers Pete

  4. >Hi Bri..yep sucked a heck of a lot…cheers Pete

  5. >A wonderful macabre style 160 poem. Delightfully dark and a nicely imaged representation of vampires feasting.Joanny

  6. >Vampires are the thing right now and I love what you've done with your Sunday 160. Thanks for playing.

  7. >Hi joanny..i always love doing these, they are tricky to do but i love the challenge..cheers Pete

  8. >Hi monkey..yeah vampires are in my top 10 things of internet searches at mo..so seemed an apt 160..cheers Pete

  9. >I tried to post earlier, but it wouldn't let me! If I double post! Sorry!What I was was…Great poem! It set a mood and Poe would definitely approve!Have a great Sunday!http://harrischanningauthor.blogspot.com/

  10. >Dang! This one is just plain Great… Well done!

  11. >Getting the wrong kind of "food" eh?

  12. >Vampires freak me out. This didn't. Really quite elegant in spite of its gore.

  13. >Oh, exceptional, Pete, and exceptionally creepy! Cool 160.

  14. >what a great 160. Vampires are so popular now, but do you think these kids today even know who Poe is? I always loved reading his stories and poems.I envy your poetic soul I can barely rhyme 2 words.

  15. >thanks harris…i appreciate that..cheers Pete

  16. >thanks tracey..like this myself…hi alice..fed their hunger lolhi cheryl..liked the word elegant..thanks petethanks patti..always love your supportf82bfat..you are so right..vampires are huge but poe is sitting right under their noses and they are missing out on so much..cheers Pete

  17. >Poe"ish" indeeddry to the bone…nice 160Moon Smiles

  18. >So much imagery in 160 characters. Loved it.

  19. >hi moonie & frayedges…thanks for commenting..yep not a drop left in the house!!!!

  20. >WHOAA!!!!And fresh skin to their eyes were baitThe fangs within just could not wait!I LOVED your creepy and daaaark 160, Pete!!! Awesome!!!

  21. >Poe must be sitting on your shoulder! Good stuff, Pete.

  22. >Hi Kavita…boo…LOLJamie..i hope not..that would scare the heck out of me LOl

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