>The Thinker….(A Tale in 160 Characters)


The Thinker….
(A Tale in 160 Characters)
What thoughts can lurk within great minds
That brood on life whilst watching worlds
From depths the springs of life unwind
From heights you feel your doubts unfurl
For more marvellous tales in 160 characters visit monkeyman


19 Responses to “>The Thinker….(A Tale in 160 Characters)”

  1. >This feels exactly like the place my mind is careening around now.Time to turn it around.Powerful 160 Pete.

  2. >apt 160…i enjoy your logic here.

  3. >I like it! I'm still waiting for my thoughts to unfurl this morning, the doubts are always there!http://harrischanningauthor.blogspot.com/2010/08/sunday-160_22.html

  4. >Very good, Pete. I'm doing pretty well with the doubts, but I wish my thoughts would unfurl. They seem to prefer a good tangle. Hope you are having a good Sunday.

  5. >You turn 160's into art. Wonderful work and thanks for playing.

  6. >very nice and thoughtful 160 Pete! sometimes i think it would be better not to think too much…my 160 is here

  7. >Once again I envy your poetic talents and deep thoughts…my thoughts aren't furled, more like in a sailors knot. Happy Sunday.

  8. >you so smart…smart and gorgeous all in one package…i dont know what your wife is gonna do with you…smiles.

  9. >hi cheryl..thanks for commenting..i hope you can turn it around..too much thinking is bad for youHi Jingle..its not just the thinking but also the highs and lows of hyper mania!!!Hi Harris…i hope they did!!!

  10. >Hi Patti..i trust you have untanlged yourself today?Thanks Monkey..i really do enjoy these 160's..i play on a four line stanza approx 40 characters a line..its amazing that a mini poem is possible…Bang on Claudia..the worse time for me is bed time..if i think the first 5 mins are happy thoughts..then next 10 mins are things i have to do etc..and then i start slipping into dark, miserable thoughts..STOP THINKING at night-time I say and go to sleep

  11. >hi f82bfat..thanks for that great compliment..i really do appreciate that..cheers PeteHi Bri..hope you enjoyed your day and thanks for taking the time out to comment..and no nor do i but sometimes i wish it involved handcuffs and lace!!!

  12. >He does look like he needs to unfurl those thoughts. keeping them cramped in your head is not good for anyone.

  13. >You seem to have written a piece so many of us can relate to here. I love it.Christine

  14. >Hi Nessa..i wrote the piece first but the image so suited it..thanks PeteHi Christine…i think you are right, us humans tend to have more in common than we dare let on..cheers Pete

  15. >Hmm… very interesting, Pete… "From heights you feel your doubts unfurl" – So this guy did some unfurling from up there… good for him… But seriously, a lovely 160! I am the thinking types.. so could very well relate to it… I've seen myself in all those places – high and low – inside and out!

  16. >hi kavisionz..thanks for the comment..yes its a place i certainly hate!!! cheers pete

  17. >"from depths" – our eyes look up. "from heights" – our eyes look down. peace vs. fear or is it being humble vs. being prideful or maybe having faith vs. trying to control or what about openness vs shame? I think I am a thinker like you. Nice 160.

  18. >hi she…oh i agree..yep you are thinking far too much..cheers though..pete

  19. >Good poem … sometimes we can get crossed up just thinking too much … or not enogh….

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