>Late Night Shopping: A Poem by Pete Marshall


Late Night Shopping:
 A Poem by Pete Marshall
Spirits gathered by the tills
as grey would colour cheap no frills
that stood in rows across the bay
mixed with juice and lemonade
that sat within a barge of steel
its frame was meshed, a squeaky wheel
would pause as chills would circle feet
in frozen foods our eyes would meet.
She touched her hair as mags suggest
showed signs she liked or so I’ve read
but eyes looked down on frozen peas
whilst I stood tall and hoped she’d see
the bogof sale that lined the shelves
her hair was red and loosely curled
and eyes that told a tale or two
were dressed for bed in midnight queues.


This is my poem for One Shot Wednesday, run by One Stop Poetry, a fast growing community for poets & writers of all genres to share their work, express and make friends

image courtesy creative commoms http://www.flickr.com/photos/kallao/

49 Responses to “>Late Night Shopping: A Poem by Pete Marshall”

  1. >nice. sounds like you met someone really nice late night shopping…have been there a time or two and there are some really interesting people out in the middle of the night…lol.oneshot is going to be tough this week…will have to make the rounds tomorrow…have fun at the kick off tonight…

  2. >…in frozen foods our eyes would meet…if that isn't romantic…i like the mood you create here – it's kind of a strange and whimsical late night mood..and the pic just fits perfectly -think i put on my nightgown now and then go to the supermarket…lol

  3. >hi bri..yeah the interesting ones are usually me!!!!! cheers and catch up with you tomorrow..peteHi Claudia…over in the UK a few months ago Tesco's banned shopper from wearing their pyjamas as it was fast becoming the trend!!! Can you believe some people?? glad you enjoyed..Pete

  4. >Nice and light fun for a OSW post, well done Sir!

  5. >Now you watch out for those women in the frozen food section – you know they are only after one thing…Thanks Pete for all you do to keep this moon shining on One Shot.Moon Smiles

  6. >This was beautifully whimsical. I remember the Tesco thing with the pyjamas.

  7. >This was so well done I could feel the cold air from the freezer section. I've seen way too many people out at any time of day in their pj's. I get the whole comfort thing, but it's a bit much – lol!

  8. >He is obviously waiting for lookers-back to see if she is interested. So glad I don't have to prowl a grocery store like some weird stalker. Great One Shot, Pete.

  9. >Humanity at the grocery store in couplets. Brings so many anecdotes to mind. My wanting to make chocolate chip cookies and they thinking I was looking for potato chips covered in chocolate–ah Tesco's. Yes, the art of poetry still seeming magically easy coming from you no matter the topic. Zombies shopping at midnight. Are they people with bathrooms and kitchens or even day jobs? Been there. Thanks.

  10. >shopping late like that gives new meaning to the term "check out line" lol Seriously, amazing flow and vivid scene due to your detailed descriptions and humor. Cheers pete. Outstanding poem.

  11. >I'd say that makes shopping late worth it!

  12. >I took a completely different feel from your other poetry with this one.Great job

  13. >Sounds nothing like my grocery shopping experiences. I like it!

  14. >There's a Safeway on Wisconsin Avenue in D.C. that's known as the "Social Safeway". Your poem is its perfect evocation.

  15. >Ahahh Pete,here is another late night shopper..i thought i was awkward..LOL i have to tell you,i really Enjoy your topics! very different and brilliantly written..AMAZING ONE SHOT! i agree with Brian (again,we always seem to agree Brian..:)) one shot is such breathtaking this week..all is great,so happy to read you Pete..:))

  16. >I have a fondness for late night grocery shopping, though I am no longer a practitioner. You did a great job capturing the essence and making us want to know more about this redhead!

  17. >Obviously, frozen food is the most dangerous part of the store. Good one, Pete.

  18. >late night shopping – really never liked be out late to shop but when I did – the stores always seemed so barren and cold…but sometimes that was the only time to go…nice take on it Pete..bkm

  19. >Amazing word picture. Thanks for this.All the best, Boonie

  20. >Late night shopping isn't really my bag, but darn it if you haven't gone and made me want to nip down to my local right now (11:10pm)! 😛

  21. >Nice work… and oh my email id flukeylukey@hotmail.com in case you wanted to tell me about the differences between Google and WordPress for a writer/poet (no pressure though of course mate). Thanks for your regular visits my friendWarmest Salad Luke

  22. >Love the way this ends Pete… Great write. Be Inspired Today! Love and Light, Sender

  23. >This is charming, Pete. There is something about the people one finds in grocery stores late at night. I've seen people in the pajamas shopping along-side others in tuxedos and evening gowns. Years ago, there was a bit of a flurry here about grocery stores being great singles' spots. Corner pub, corner freezer case: same thing.

  24. >Don't you just hate it when they pretend not to be paying attention?(Look at me, dammit! Ha-ha!)Nice tale, Pete!

  25. >Provocative…and it made me smile!

  26. >I agree with Steven your poem is nice and light. I enjoyed readng it very much.

  27. >Sometimes you meet the most interesting people at the oddest of hours, and in the most unlikely situations/places… Nicely rhymed, Pete… Really enjoyed this little tale of midnight shopping encounters 🙂

  28. >hi steve..yep i managed to successfully do something light and i am proud..cheers petehi moonie..i reckon i have seen you there..you are always out at night LOlthanks anthony..yep something light for a change..thanks for commenting..pete

  29. >hi talon…you should try standing there in shorts LOL!!!thanks monkey..thing is you cant help but look and by doing so others thinks you are a weirdo stalker!!!hi beachanny..am loving your comments and praise..cheers pete

  30. >hi adam…liked that "check out line"..cheers petethanks for the comment suziyep richard it was different…but i got a nose bleed doing something light..so back to normal next week lolhi mama..get shopping late then LOl

  31. >hi maureen..why doesnt that surprise me!!!!hi desert rose..thanks for that wonderful comment..cheers petehi caraolina…got a thing about red heads…you could say i married her LOL

  32. >hi glyn..as always a pleasure to see you..perhaps we needed the frozen peas to cool us down LOLthanks bkm..glad you liked itcheers boonie and thanks for the comment

  33. >how did you get on tony!!!!!thanks luke..will catch up laterthanks sender..yep a dig at those that shop in their pj'shi patti..loved that comment..thanks pete

  34. >so true eric so true…LOLthanks timoteohi viola..hope everything is fin and thanks for commenting..cheers petethanks kavisionz..cheers Pete

  35. >This was cute, Pete. A real guy's view of shopping. You made it sound much more fun for guys than for old mares like me, who just want to get the best deal on raisins and cereal and get out before the icecream melts.

  36. >So happy to hear I'm not alone in late night shopping!! A wonderful One Shot entry…your work always has that special touch and I love coming here!! x

  37. >I'll say this as someone who works late nights sometimes, you never know who you shall meet. I see people I haven't seen in years, and meet new friendly faces all of the time. I loved your poem and hold a great connection to it. I liked the romance in it as well. Great poem once again.

  38. >Who do we meet at witching hour, when those that are good are abed, or so they say, but in the cracks the pain leaks outand our fearshave lives.You catch the moment well. >Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my poem The final seaside trip. I hope you have a good week!

  39. >hi brokenpenwriter,,,like the comment..a real guys view of shopping…never felt so macho lolthanks for that buttercup..glad you see that in my work..cheers petethanks cor..hey it works both ways..seems everyone is checking each other outthanks john..i like your comment and have a good one yourself..cheers pete

  40. >You must be a wonderful romantic to see it at the grocery … I've been out in the middle of the night at our all-night Safeway … all I see are the tired, the homeless, the unhinged. Good for you … Wonder One Shot … Thank you! Your poems are always so pristine and precise. I love it. Thanks for hosting and taking the time to visit participants.

  41. >Pete..love the versatile thoughts..words going so well with the picture..I am off for some late night shopping now ;)suja

  42. >First meeting of love at the frozen food isle, i have met people that met this way and your lines tell the perfect tale, so romantic in it's own way. Wonderful oneshot Pete and thanks for always keeping up with my musings :)Wild Rose~

  43. >loved the rhythm of this and the run-on sentences that reflected the mood so well

  44. >Ok, what's a bogoff sale?Thanks for visiting my blog.

  45. >cute story.

  46. >hi jamie…thanks for the comment..you forget..i am a male..we see things different lolthanks suja..was it a successful triphi wild rose…glad you liked it and saw a bit of romance in it too..cheers pete

  47. >thanks for stopping by and commenting pauline..glad you liked..cheers petehi KB…bogof..buy one get one free!!!thanks she

  48. >… love lies frozen,better buys foundwith farmer's daughter…

  49. >I'm stopping by to say hello and to tell you, as a co-founder of One-Stop Poetry, you've positively affected my life. I love what you're doing! Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart. My hat's off to you!~xo

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