>Caged…..A Poem by Pete Marshall


A Poem by Pete Marshall
And through this glass you stare at me
yet what I see is nothing new
A person framed for one short time
who looks at me in solitude
Who wants to see me in the wilds
and run the plains like fathers do
that sees me in this small, cramped place
yet comes to see me at the zoo….
This poem is for the One Shoot Sunday picture prompt challenge by those great guys and girls over at One Stop Poetry

20 Responses to “>Caged…..A Poem by Pete Marshall”

  1. >You've hit that between the eyes. Excellent.All the best, Boonie

  2. >nice pete…and so true…some do keep animals that would not make it in the wild…these i like…and better than someone wearing them as a coat..

  3. >wow, i love the angle you have taken on this photo. Donusho

  4. >Great response to the prompt, Pete. You do have a way with words. As Brian just brought up, not a fan of animal coats. Thanks for playing along on One Shoot Sunday. cheers mate. excellent write

  5. >That is so sad and so true!

  6. >You nailed this one! Excellent!

  7. >the poem , unlike the lioness, beautifully self-contained

  8. >Nice one, Pete. It makes you wonder which one is in the cage.

  9. >let's go see them in jungle.that would surely be wild.

  10. >thanks all for your comments..i just simply thought what the lioness sees when we all look at her…and the irony..even i visit the zoo and yet scorn them!!!..some great comments by the way..thankyou..cheers pete

  11. >I was very moved by this, Pete. I always feel badly for these magnificent creatures, and imagine (?) that I see sadness in their eyes.

  12. >Beautiful written, someday I hope we learn to live with other sentient beings on this planet side by side, and not caged or on our backs.Cheers, JoannyA vegan through choice.

  13. >too sad ….i do not do zoo's…some may not make it is the wild…that is called natural selection…let us all live and die free…bkm

  14. >Poor animal!!! Great One shoot. I was prompted out todayHave I got a tag for you if you feel like being trivialized to deathgo here to learn trivia about yours truly and if you want to get on the band wagon you are invited

  15. >It would be a sad life to feel trapped in a cage, enjoyed reading your poem

  16. >One of the reasons I never go to zoos. I can't bear to see the animals caged up. You describe the way they must feel beautifully. Well done.Christine

  17. >thanks patti..i know what you mean about the sadnesshi joanny and thanks for commenting.. agree tooa good sentiment bkm..cheers petecheers mooniethanks kodjoHi christine and many thanks for your commentscheers to all pete

  18. >Brilliantly observed as always, Pete. What more can I say than I don't think I'd be caught wearing fur these days. Seems to be an occupational hazard for a lion. 😉

  19. >hi tony and thanks…must say the picture stirred up quite a few good poems and i love what it flowed from me…cheers pete

  20. >Great poem. I really felt for that lioness. I have been privileged to see these animals in their natural habitat and though wild animals in cages is not the ideal, in my country (South Africa) the rhino is being poached to the point of extinction. Therefore, much as I hate zoos, I feel that at least this way species can survive the cruelty and greed of mankind. Today the lion is not an endangered species but all too soon… Thought provoking.

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