>Dorothy….(A Tale in 160 Characters)


(A Tale in 160 Characters)
Her ruby heels whirled on bricks of gold
Whilst growls would make this Lion start
The Scarecrow lacked all kinds of thought
And Tin Man’s words would show no heart
For more marvellous tales in 160 characters visit monkeyman

image courtesy creative commons flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/courtneybolton/

18 Responses to “>Dorothy….(A Tale in 160 Characters)”

  1. >Loved it. Off to Oz in 160. Thanks for playing with us, Pete.

  2. >but even still they prevailed…smiles. nice 160 my friend…

  3. >Love magical places,,,, but they will soon learn the streets are not really lined with gold. Nice 160 Pete.Joanny

  4. >Ha very nice take on a beloved storynice 160Happy Sunday my friend

  5. >cute…i like it 🙂

  6. >great tale…Happy Sunday!My 160 Entry

  7. >thanks monkey…i just so enjoy writing thesecheers bri…was fun thisyou are so right joannythanks moonie…glad you liked

  8. >thanks monkey…i just so enjoy writing thesecheers bri…was fun thisyou are so right joannythanks moonie…glad you liked

  9. >thanks guatamicheers N…i like cutehi jingle…thanks a lot..cheers pete

  10. >You are so darned clever. That was terrific.

  11. >The Wizard of Oz in 160 Character – impressive.

  12. >So much said in so few words. Brilliant!Christine

  13. >thanks Patti, alice & Christine..enjoyed writing this..cheers pete

  14. >I love the spin on OZ…and in such few words. terrific 🙂

  15. >Clever take on a classic. Great 160Victoria

  16. >hi caty & victoria…thanks..loved this a lot myself too…cheers pete

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