>A Moment Framed: By Pete Marshall


A Moment Framed
by Pete Marshall

This lonely place within my mind
Reflects upon the clouding sky
As fossils lay across the beach 
And rock pools filled with shallow life

The black that flows across the bay
That shades the sun and paints the grey
That holds my mind in withered frame
That wants no more to play your games

I walk across the rocky path
Where seaweed lays in scattered death
I hear the crash of coming waves
And welcome them to take my breath


This piece has been written for the One Shoot Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge

29 Responses to “>A Moment Framed: By Pete Marshall”

  1. >nice piete…this is an excellent pic and your words play so well wirh it…

  2. >What a lovely poem to go with the picture.

  3. >Another cracker! Thanks for this.All the best, Boonie

  4. >Wow – its such a perfect fit!

  5. >I like the rhythm of this poem and the rhymes that aren't quite.

  6. >mmmhmmmm…. perfectly placed…a melancholy place leading to a peace of mind.

  7. >Your words draw well on the photo, creating an image beyond it that wraps well around.

  8. >"That wants no more to play your games" that line for me was like a knock-out punch in this gem. Nice write!

  9. >welcome the waves to take your breath..this was strong petesounds like an arrival after a tough journey

  10. >This is WOW good! I felt breathless reading it.

  11. >such a peaceful rhythm for a melancholy piece. Terrific write for this photo.

  12. >Excellent job of echoing between the photo and the poem. The image is the message and vice versa. Liked it a lot.

  13. >Your poem pulls at the undercurrents of lonely depicted in the photo–framed, like your "withered mind." Great poem. Blessing.

  14. >I like how your poem has a nice, flowing rhythm to it. The words are beautiful, and they fit so well together.

  15. >Sadness in the moment, yet there's acceptance. Love the images, beautifully written.

  16. >this feels goodlike a good back massage

  17. >No words, it's gorgeous. The photograph itself is haunting, can't wait to see what the others make of it.Thanks Pete.

  18. >I can really visualise that moment in time. A wonderful postChristine

  19. >great take Pete on Andys pic ~ I got that isolation ~ loved the waves taking the breath ~

  20. >thanks for all your comments…this poem dwells in depression..welcome the waves to take my breath…refers to walking in to the sea and drowning herself..this is a poem fraught with the battle of depression…pete

  21. >Pete, this is my favorite one so far. Rhyme and meter is really hard to pull off.I especially like the first two lines of the second stanza, the rhyme and the color imagery play off of each other really well.

  22. >There's such a lyrical quality to your writing. The rhythm envelopes me in the scene gently leading from the first word to the very last. You never fail to take my breath away. Well done!

  23. >Always a pleasure to read your poetry Pete

  24. >Most righteous

  25. >"Where seaweed lays in scattered death"–living near the water, this is so real. Really enjoyed it.

  26. >beautifully sad and nicely written, my friend.

  27. >life is filled with sorrow and surrender – that rises again as new life form from the depths of the sea or the sacrifical fires…let us hold each other up to rise above any loss of life, or breath or need of growing into that soul we we born to be….passionate write Peter…bkm

  28. >thanks so much Pete for fixing my link ~ so enjoyed taking part and reading everyones wonderful writes here ~ have a great week Pete ~ *heartsmiles* Lib

  29. >lol….. take your breath?? It if calls for you breath-taking, then such a thing is way beyond 'PERFECT'I'd love you to see this;http://ediomoudofia.blogspot.com/2010/10/my-inspiration.html

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