>Homeless: A Poem by Pete Marshall


by Pete Marshall

Water soaks through shredded news
That’s wrapped around a hungry heart
And as I walk in heelless shoes
I wonder forth around the park.

The nights are cold and days are long
My mind replay’s where I went wrong
And rain will soak and wash my tears
Where strength resolves to show no fear.
And last nights meal was found in bins
Of salad tossed in throw out things
And smokes are found upon the floor
The stubbed out tabs I barter for.
The children stare as mums walk past
A school runs joy a nervous laugh
That sees no soul as thoughts are cast
Their eyes look down and cross the path.

My callused hands and grubby nails
Grip plastic bags that hold my life
And heelless shoes pace endless trails
That tread beyond this bitter plight.


This poem has been written for the One Shoot Sunday picture prompt challenge

image courtesy http://www.flickr.com/photos/pedrosimoes7/3148834712/

36 Responses to “>Homeless: A Poem by Pete Marshall”

  1. >very viceral…and tactile…i can feel his homelessness…nice pete…

  2. >Very vivid poem. Well done as always.

  3. >Wow Pete this is such an emotive poem. It is terribly sad to see how homelessness continues to grow all around the world. Our governments need to do more to help these people.

  4. >Pete – you're one of my favorite poets — because you capture so much with your heart.

  5. >Ooo….nice to find an excellent poem.

  6. >Wow that nailed it Pete – I agree with Glynn you hit the heart of the matterI am never going to let you stop writing you know muaahahahamoonie smiles and thanks

  7. >very moving, Pete. clearly written with a wonderful rhythmic style. was able to see the other side of the picturethank you

  8. >Thanks Pete…This is nitty gritty homelessness.

  9. >Perfect description of how their lives revolve around, day in day out, sadly though! Great piece!

  10. >Hi, Just discovered this on twitter. and have become a follower. It is very powerful and acutely observed.You may enjoy my blog:www.thesanctumofsanity.blogspot.comYou'll find links there to all my writing. including my poetry.Look forward to reading more of your work.Kind regards, James.

  11. >This poem portrays so well the stark reality of homelessness. Beautifully written.

  12. >Heartbreaking and real…the line "Grip plastic bags that hold my life" – that's so perfect and so tragicBeautiful write, Pete.

  13. >really caught this Pete ~ those downcast eyes not wanting to glance ~ uncomfortable by this homeless stance ~ your words gripped at the very heart ~ in every single line ~ a wonderful write

  14. >Truth speaks here, and also deep sensitivity from the heart.

  15. >you managed to slip into the skin of a homeless peter..very vivid and heartfelt

  16. >..did i say peter….lol…sorry…

  17. >Beautifully written truth — and heart.Very powerful.Louise G.

  18. >a beautiful tribute to an ever growing problem. well done.cheers

  19. >You have written the soul of what it means to be homeless and on the streets. Well captured.

  20. >I liked the look of defiant almost-cheeriness on this man's face, but when I tried to write about him I had to give up & go to a different pic, because I found only a gape of disconnect with the sadness touched with a waning strength that you set out so well here. You've unlocked the complex under the obvious in your usual scalpel-sharp way once again. Well done.

  21. >What an emotional and realistic write on this every more present plight in the recent years….I see it more and more in the area I live every corner seems to echo the words you have written here….blessings…bkm

  22. >Wonderful poem – you captured the sentiment well.I particularly like the way your rhymes are not exact. You've given the feel of rhyming to because they are not perfect the phrasing flows more like waves.

  23. >You got under the skin of your man in the photo. Homelesness is something I see every day and it breaks my heart :(( Sad thing is its so easy to fall into it <3<3

  24. >thank you for this unique and sad perspective.

  25. >What tragic beauty this poem holds. I'm always blow away by the rhythmic, engaging quality of your writing. There is such depth of thought in each line that makes me want to read it repeatedly. Each time finding new meaning…something, not missed, but discovered. It's a pleasure to read your work. Leslie is correct…never stop writing.

  26. >This one hits the heart witha bullseye!I was wondering as I read this if at one time I too looked at these lost souls with cold eyes.Though as true as the saying…never judge a book by its cover…I guess we humans have the tendency to cringe from one we think is not of normal pattern.Written from the heart…appreciated as such!Great work,Pete!

  27. >I liked this. I liked the rhythm, it felt like the pulsating heart, or a brisk walk through life. What I also liked very much was the 'heeless shoes,' Somehow, it felt as though it could have been interpreted as the type of gutless selfishness shown by people who walk past homeless folk on the street, without a second thought.

  28. >this felt so alive and real. Very nice poem, Pete

  29. >As ever, you've got heart, Pete, and it's only too appreciated here. It is an appropriately emotional poem for the topic, for few things are quite so sad as the realization of how we let homelessness grow, year after year, the world round. Grit, heart, and a great flow to boot–wonderful work.

  30. >I was under his skin, your writing is so vivid and alive Pete you never miss to hit the mark xShan

  31. >So sad. You captured homelessness in your words.

  32. >Nice walk through the eyes of the homeless… if only others could see as well as you, clearly of their plight.

  33. >i enjoy reading work that means something…that peels away…and reveals something deeper.this is one of those creations thathaunt you.well done.

  34. >a tragic reality to some, a choice to others.brilliant poem:)

  35. >Such a pleasure to read your work. Exquisitely crafted and evocative. I feel the charge of emotion surging through the poem. when I was done reading, a sadness jumped off the poem and into me…

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