Echo’s follow fallen souls
who drift and glide within a tomb
and arrows point to show the way
of paths that lead to darkened rooms

The corridors hold the chill of air
and darkness wait’s in perished dreams
light that flows through broken glass
and life that ends in heightened screams

Dampness spreads across the floor
and creeps upon the tiled walls
where those who once had come for hope
but died as life’s forgotten fools

This poem was inspired by the wonderful image “The Arrow Shot” by Claudio Mufarrege, who has been featured at One Shoot Sunday…check out his amazing photography and join in with the picture prompt

22 Responses to “>Bedlam”

  1. >Wonderful, Pete…and the last few lines were rather poignant.Happy Sunday,Cheers.

  2. >"Of paths that lead to darkened rooms",that is just death, oh death oh nice a poem

  3. >This is a most unusual piece of writing filled with darkness, but quite beautiful.

  4. >dont know if i want to be a forgotten fool pete…very nicely done…

  5. >"dead as life's forgottoen fools", Good strong stuff Pete. Glad I wasn't the only one who saw the darkside. CheersS

  6. >"Echo’s follow fallen soulswho drift and glide within a tomb"..From the first line I was hooked to your poem..very unique indeed…I love it 🙂

  7. >"light that flows through broken glassand life that ends in heightened screams." Chilling. Can sense the woman's great pain. Very nicely done.

  8. >Very nice, this one reads so smooth……….

  9. >Well done, Pete. The photo has exactly that feeling you describe – an old insane asylum, a hospital where people came to die.

  10. >in the end I think we are all forgotten fools…well done;)

  11. >The desparity underlines your write and the photo. I agree that offtimes we think we are beyond forgotten fool status.

  12. >Love your take here, 'Of paths that lead to darkened rooms' sums it all up so well…. nice.

  13. >forgotten fools….forgotten souls…may light shine upon them…thank you Peter…bkm

  14. >Too many typos: trying again…you did a great job here pete with the gothic look and feel of the pic. It really does look like a haunted place, some basement of hell, an insane asylum peopled by the haunted fools and madmen you portray. I also like the way you've used rhyme to give it a dirge-like feel.

  15. >A few months ago I saw a video of documentation of decay at an abandoned mental hospital in Massachusetts. Your poem would have complemented the images well.

  16. >esp. the last two lines gave me shivers…

  17. >Wonderful and haunting poem. I only hope I will not be remembered as "life's forgotten fool."

  18. >love it! from' Echo's follow fallen souls' right through to 'died as life's forgotten fools'hauntingly beautiful!thank you

  19. >Spooky, chilling and beautiful–truly captures craziness in Bedlam of old and for all I know asylums of now. Interesting take on the photo, Pete. Great poem as usual.Gay

  20. >Definitely playing up on the darker aspect of the image…it radiates with the colder side, horror and abandonment. Like an asylum, like a prison. I saw a rising, you see the body, trapped, broken, as we've let them…

  21. >sigh… this is bloody sad.

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