>With Love


With Love

It snowed the night I walked you home
As snow still falls this very day
My heart would beat to whispered sounds
And woke to call your very name

The mist would pass between our lips
And carve a heart that hung entranced
That swirled upon a moonlit sky
And stopped to ask you for this dance

Our feet would glide across the ice
And feel the warmth of youthful throes
That thawed the snow and frosts of life
And held you so you’d never go


Today I wanted to do something special, today I celebrate with my wonderful wife 25 years together. This is my little thank you to her, for putting up with me through all these years, and for giving me my three wonderful children. And here’s hoping that the next 25 years together will finally bring her all the things I have ever wished for her. Thank you…with love

I also would like to take this time to wish everyone one of you that have visited my site over the last 7 months a wonderful Christmas and to thank you for all your wonderful comments and continued support. Support that you have also taken over to One Stop Poetry which again I will be forever thankful.

This poem I have also shared with One Shot Wednesday

image courtesy creative commons flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/vhs_penguin/


42 Responses to “>With Love”

  1. >You do rhyme so well, pete–never too sticky or cloying, just a firm and steady beat to emphasize your words, and the words in this poem are perfectly chosen. A pleasure to read. A very Happy Anniversary to you both.

  2. >Oh this is VERY nice! We just had our 20th last week – sometimes it was 15 minutes ago & sometimes it seems like we've been together forever.

  3. >Excellent rhythm and concept. I think I should thank my 'other half' too. I enjoyed this poem immensely, thanks Pete.

  4. >Beautifully expressed. Best wishes to you both πŸ™‚

  5. >A lovely tribute to your wife and a wonderful One Shot, Pete!

  6. >Gorgeous,natural and really heart felt! Congrats on your 25 years Pete, and here's to the next 25 :)S

  7. >Beautiful poem – congratulations!

  8. >oh pete – this is beautiful – think that's the first love poem i read of you and it's amazingesp. liked ..the mist that would pass between the lips..wowand congrats on 25 year – that's amazing!

  9. >A lovely poem, romantic tribute to your wife! The slightly archaic feel to the language works here. Good job.

  10. >oh how romantic Pete! its just so sweet..:)) touchy! and i wish you the happiest moments ever..with all the love πŸ™‚

  11. >A very beautiful and romantic poem, Pete. I am sure your wife loves it. Congratulations to you both on 25 years. My hubby and I celebrate forty years next week. I hope you have a lovely Christmas.Christine

  12. >Merry Christmas Pete – a quintessential epithalamion written with such purity, grace and devotion. Wishing you and your good wife a lifetime of this love and a union that will be a guiding star for your precious children. Thank you Pete for filling all our lives with your amazing work and your sweet generosity. Gay

  13. >This is beautiful, Pete. Happy Anniversary to you and your wife. I really enjoyed the vision of the heart-shaped mist that "pass between our lips." That line made my heart melt. Merry Christmas, too!

  14. >This is real poetry at its best! Clean, with a beautiful flow and well-chosen words. Brilliant! Have a Wonderful Christmas and I Safe, yet Fun New Years! Cheers, Dave

  15. >Happy Anniversary! A wonderful expression of love. All the best to you both, and many more happy years together! Heart mist passing between lips. That's the epitome of poetic. Also, quick mention…we wouldn't be in week 25 of One Shot without your tireless efforts. Cheers, bro.

  16. >Beautiful thoughts and words.

  17. >Great sentiment and happy anniversary. Rhyme scheme reads of love in this poem, as well it should! Very enjoyable read! Very grateful for all you do here and at 1SP. You're a good man Charlie Brown.crb.

  18. >Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely bride.

  19. >Have a lovely anniversary! 25 years…what an honor that you are sharing this poem…its lovely…such romance right from the first lineIt snowed the night I walked you homecheers Pete

  20. >Pete this was simply beautiful! I'm sure your wife would have been touched deeply.I wish you & yours all the best for a wonderful Christmas!

  21. >Yes happy anniversary Pete my friend. And I think I said this last week, but you do realise how difficult most people (good free verse poets, many of them) find writing as smoothly as this, metrically speaking? You are writing in absolute perfect iambic tetrameter. You are blessed with a mind that takes to it naturally if you are self-taught as you said. And you rhyme easily also. A sonnet is almost impossible for most (I'm not kidding), for you it would be easy. In fact, all you'd have to do write three of your four-line stanzas (but rhyme all lines, lien one and three rhyme, as well as two and four), then add a rhyming couplet on the end. That's it. But make each line one beat longer (one iamb longer, so it counts five not four). Easy.Ok enough of that, sorry if that sounded patronising, wasn't meant. I critique a lt of poetry daily and appreciate smooth iambic flow and unforced rhyme when I see it. Fine piece, Sir. have a great Xmas/SolsticeWarm regardsLuke @WordSaladps. thanks so much for including my piece in your Twitter Daily. Too kind

  22. >aww…you are the man tonight pete…25 years nice!

  23. >Congratulations Pete on 25 years…that is awesome!!! And this poem is a lovely tribute to your relationship! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! πŸ™‚

  24. >What a wonderful gift you give your wife. Congratulations on your Silver Wedding Anniversary.Wishing you a lovely Christmas. Thank you for all you do on behalf of poetry.

  25. >This is beautiful, Pete – and I hope you read it aloud to your wife.

  26. >Perfect meter and a beautiful testament to a long and loving relationship.

  27. >Absolutley beautiful. Happy anniversary!

  28. >Ah, such a tribute, such a love – your family is very lucky, Pete. With words like this to share, one could never doubt your love and feeling. This one comes right from the heart…Happy Anniversary, man. All the best to you, and happy holidays too. May the season treat you well!

  29. >I am literally sitting here at work with tears in my eyes. Such a beautiful poem. Well written and loving.

  30. >25 a milestone. Beautiful poem for your bride. I too hope the next 25 will see more of the same.One Stop is blessed to have you my friendmoonie smiles

  31. betweenhearts75 Says:

    >*Sighhhh took my breath away, so very beautiful! I love the last verse, especially "so you'd never go" ~absolutely wonderfully written! πŸ™‚ ~April

  32. >how touching, a 20th and it only seem like yesterday. Great take!

  33. >How absolutely romantic and sweet, Pete!!!! A VERRRRRRRY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your lovely wife… May you enjoy the company of each other for a long long time to come… A beautiful poem celebrating 25 years to togetherness, and submitted for the 25th week of OSW.. how cool is that!!! πŸ™‚

  34. >The beat in your poetry, this time, is a song–sweet, tender, absolutely romantic! Perfect, as usual, a wonderful read. Happy anniversary–25 years sounds like a lifetime yet perhaps for you both, it's a moment made perfect. Thanks for sharing such a moment.

  35. >This is so beautiful and expressed with such lovely rhythm.Best wishes for the next 25 years!Y

  36. >Romantic, seasonally-sweet. Good piece.

  37. >Lovely dedication to your wife… Lucky she is!25 years…wow Happy anniversary:)

  38. >great piece as always Pete! The flow is amazing! Happy Anniversary!

  39. >happy anniversary Pete. a lovely tribute piece. You are both lucky and blessed.

  40. >A great thank you to your wife… :)You have expressed your feelings very well..Very well done πŸ™‚

  41. >Many thanks for One Stop Poetry, Pete, and every good wish for a return to full employment in 2011.

  42. >This is lovely. I especially like the heart, the moon and the dance in the 2nd stanza. Happy anniversary and thanks for sharing this. (Thanks also for One Stop Poetry) which I just discovered this week.

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