>Christmas Past…..


Christmas Past…

Snow and frost and hardened ground
where spades would strike no earth was found
the morgues would fill with silent sounds
that held the dead from journeys bound

The last I saw were tired eyes
that spoke of death and long goodbyes
and heavy chests and louder sighs
grasping hands and mothers cries

And Christmas Day was wrought with tears
amongst the gifts lay scattered years
the empty chair were once he cheered 
and bottles full of unused beer

But days do pass and time does heal
as Christmas joy belies the chill
with candles lit we mourn the still
and say our prayers for all who’s ill


Christmas is not just a time for children and celebration but also for reflection and remembering. Christmas is always tinged with sadness as we remember those that have gone. The empty chair, the missing presence. 

We lost somebody very close to us just before Christmas a few years back, suicide was to take him, and I dont suppose my wife and I will ever forget. At this time of year when the snow is down and the ground is frozen, the funerals are always delayed as the earth is too hard for burials. The funeral is always a comforting closure to our grieving but as these are delayed so is the mourning. 

Its also at Christmas time when suicide rates steadily increase. If you were to take a walk down any street how many homes lay in the dark? As we all enjoy the festive season let us remember there will always be someone who’s life is not want he or she perceived and is struggling on their own as others celebrate, and if we can, in any small part, help them in any way then let that be our gift this Christmas.

Lastly, for all of you have have taken the time to visit my site, read my poetry, share my work and support what I do. Who have offered words of comfort as I have struggled through being unemployed. Who tweet and make me smile, who encourage me with my work, and who have taken that support and followed me to One Stop Poetry…I would like to thank you all and wish the best of seasons greetings and a prosperous New Year!

all the best, and cheers, Pete

image courtesy creative commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/luchilu/2122762150/

21 Responses to “>Christmas Past…..”

  1. >A sobering reminder that there are those for whom the holidays are not the most happy of times. Im sure we all know someone who could use our help. Thanks Pete.

  2. >You write with such depth of feeling, always. It is a delight to visit here.Wishing you a lovely Christmas. May peace be with you always.

  3. >Pete, that was both tragic and beautiful. I really connected with this poem. The rhythm was flowing. Thanks for sharing.Have a great Christmas, I have a feeling next year is going to be good to you.

  4. >ugh…those empty chairs make this time of year very hard….great write pete…strikes a cord…and so sorry your fam was touched by a suicide as well…those are hard…

  5. >Nice one, and yes we say our prayers for all who ill..God Bless

  6. >A very atmospheric poem, which captures the sadness of Christmas for some so well. Lovely work, Pete.Christine

  7. >think that losing someone by suicide is one of the hardest things in life..sorry for this pete – you wrote your heart into words, this was beautiful.wishing you and your fam a merry christmas, great to know you and thanks for all what you're doing

  8. >Yes, there's a very dark side to this time of year–those who are struggling often feel overwhelmed by all the expectations they feel they can never meet. Condolences on your loss, and thank you for writing the hard ones, and for all your personal encouragement and support. Down with 2010, up with 2011! 😉

  9. >Thanks Petebest to you and for sharing the struggles may someone find comfort through your wordsmoonie

  10. >really enjoyed the poem. The rhythm, rhyme and how beautifully it flows.Bittersweet time of year for sure, especially when we reflect and remember our significant losses.Sorry to hear of yours.May you and your family be blessed with comfort and peace and I pray you have a prosperous and healthy New Year!

  11. >Pete,How true it is! In our exuberance we must reserve space for those loved ones who have passed on. Thanks for the reminder.Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  12. >Lot of feeling here Peter…my mother a few weeks before Christmas and 9 years now and it really affects now you look at the season…may you and your family be Blessed this time of year…so happy to have come to know you this past year…bkm

  13. >I really like this, Pete. It's human and substantial. I see it right away.

  14. >For those gone beforewe stand and grieveour tears wrenched forthnot ready to leave.The heat of our sorrowwhile burns so hotis still not enoughto yield up a final resting spot. so hold fast your handsand hold fast your hearta new day will dawnand fresh life will soon startI hope the new year brings you the path you seek Pete. You have helped create a wonderful thing with Oneshot. You have given a gift to many and that is something that can never be taken away. Peace to you sir. Merry Christmas.

  15. >The happier some are, the sadder that makes others. When gloom is deep, sometimes nothing pierces it. You capture that well here Pete. Always so brilliant and so natural in your verse. I believe your mind must be like sparkling crystal. This has been an amazing journey to bring me here with this family of poets you and Leslie with Brian and Adam have made. Thanks for admitting me in with y'all Claudia and Chris. Merry Christmas! Gay

  16. >Deep sentiments there…I loved it a lot.. :)Your poetry is amazing..nice flow, rhythm and rhyme..perfect :)Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance… 🙂

  17. >Christmas cheer to you and may the deep melancholy that accompanies you this time of year bring meaning and depth to your experience. Blessings

  18. >Thanks for reminding us to reach out, this Christmas and all through the year.Wishing you a wonderful 2011!Happy Christmas!Dani @poetpassionbakr

  19. >perhaps we should have a bit of a dark Christmas poem contest given my own today, Pete. You are a source of comfort and support for us all. A blessed holiday to you and yours. xxxJenne'

  20. >It is a delight to visit on yhour blog !!! keep it up

  21. >Pete – how we can enter the past with memory and be so clear, be there – this is the way of the poet – the storyteller and I commend you for both. You have holidays where both the sadness enters our hearts, holidays when happiness to some do not show their insides. Always Nancy

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