>A New Years Wish


A New Years Wish
From all around the usual cries
as revellers stop the passers-by
who hug and cheer and welcome in
A Year to come of hopeful things
but jingle left on Christmas Eve
and sparkle fled on Boxing Day
the sales were blown as greed crept in
whilst those without just watched and prayed

I blew across my fingertips
as icy breath hung in the air
and felt the chill of empty dreams
as lights would flash to sell their wares

The hugs are false as knives are drawn
and dreams are dashed in mornings dawn
whilst goods that sit upon the shelves
reduced as gifts for those with wealth
when pints are downed we venture forth
to hear the joys of New Years Eve
from drunken folk on cobbled paths
who piss on walls and vomit dreams


This is my poem for One Shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry, a great place to share your poetry, a platform to be recognised..

image courtesy creative commons flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/magnusw/

40 Responses to “>A New Years Wish”

  1. >Love the flow and sentiment conveyed here Pete. it is a celebratory time that goes over the top.Happy New Year to you and to our One Shot folksMoonie

  2. >WoW Man… that's an end! so much false joy vanishes on just one Eve, so special as this should be…

  3. >i think i'm just speechless..almost spit out my drink when i came across the last line – and i agree with leslie..

  4. >Well, there we go, you shot you scored once more. Fake joy just disappears. Hope you all have a fab new year x

  5. >False joy exposed indeed, with clever puns I might add. You almost made Claudia spit her drink! lol That in itself makes me smile πŸ™‚ Great work, as usual. Happy New Year!

  6. >great writing – you capture the over wrought emotions of the holiday season beautifully

  7. >Genuine..unique and you are growing more powerful with each poem Pete..JUST WOW!..:)ah..and happy new year my friend..:)

  8. >Man, this has pace with a real kick at the end.

  9. >I'm with you all the way…and kudos to you for pulling a little of the saccharin out of the season, in no uncertain terms.

  10. >dude your last stanza is a brutal reality…whew…blistering man…nice one shot!

  11. >Every word perfect..chilled to perfection..icy, brutal, human..Your work always leaves my breath hanging in air..("for me we both could have died then and there" Joan Baez..Diamonds and Rust)

  12. >Dark and sobering. I like the images, even as I cringe at the darkness.Good, evocative one shot, Pete.

  13. >Excellent imagery,,,so vivid and the last lines, wow…it's amazing how fast hope can vanish like a candle being blown out…

  14. >you write poetry with a dreamlike quality and yet the words bite of realism.I love your poetry!thank you

  15. >It's a dark vision here, Pete, but a great poem.

  16. >Great realism here! Having worked in a bar many New Year's Eves, the revelry usually ends in drunken tears and puking.

  17. >Great writing as always! Sustained pace with substance that bite: dashed hopes–they do come out most stark on New Year's Eve when the hoping and the dreaming begin again! Thanks, Pete!

  18. >It's a good thing I have another excuse for the frenzied partying on New Year's eve… it happens to coincide with my birthday! whheewww :)But you are soooo right, Pete! Celebrations is becoming a very matieral thing these days… (sigh)Well writ, my friend… And I hope the cheer of the season keeps winter chills at bay…Happy New Year!!!

  19. >Those last two lines really summed it up for me, man. I usually have these negative associations with New Years, which is why I try to get through it with a minimum of fuss! πŸ˜›

  20. >Nothing left to say really; I agree with all above – the last line draws us to a reality of life. Wonderful poem!

  21. >Loved the flow and certainly the sentiment. Realism abounds within beautiful words. Thankyou.

  22. >That's why I stay home on New Year's Eve. Nice One Shot, Pete!

  23. >Your poem is the proverbial slap in the face. It stings with truth.Have a genuinely happy new year.

  24. >Amongst your best when it comes to imagery & symbolism. Feast for the mind even if there's little in our bellies. Thanks for all the great poetry this year, keep it coming! Take care,crb.

  25. >Bitter truths well expressed.Fate created my One Shot.

  26. >Oh……so good your are! I really liked it, especially liked, icy breath…the chill of empty dreams, sends shivers down my back. "The hugs were false," Wow!

  27. >Good piece, particularly love the last three lines.

  28. >Excellent observations, Pete. I especially loved the mood evoked in the second stanza.I hope the new year holds some great things in store for you.Cheers

  29. >This is a wonderful piece with a heartfelt message. Much enjoyed my friend. Happy New Year to you. I hope 2011 brings you lots of joy and love.β™₯

  30. >Pete you are a honest man that writes true to what he sees….Hope you have a Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

  31. >Basically there are some phony well wishers but not everyoneWishing you a Happy New Year and thanks for welcoming me to One Shot

  32. >I absolutely loved this! I am inspired to spend a New Year's Eve more fruitfully now. Thank you for this!

  33. >I would like to see hollywood produce a dream vomiting partier…I mean really. So true this poem often is to many a sad beginings of a new year.

  34. >You've captured some important truths in a well-executed poem. I'm not a New Year's eve party kind of person. Prefer the parades and football on New Year's day and the idea of new beginnings.My one shot: http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/2010/12/29/song-of-songs-one-shot-wednesday/

  35. >The final four lines are just top-shelf.

  36. >Always enjoy reading your stuff!Wishing you all the best for the New Year.

  37. >Great sentiments, the ending was a real hit. Certainly don't mince words…great flow, potent words, really hitting at the season…Cheers to you, Pete, and to the New Year! May it treat you kindly. It's been a real pleasure working with you this past year.

  38. >Good flow and a very nice work…Happy New Year πŸ™‚

  39. >It’s funny how many articles and news come out on a weekly basis.

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