>For My Boy


For My Boy

My boy became a man today
as tears flowed down his youthful cheeks
and pain was felt within his heart
with strength he fought as armies meet.

And whence no more the battle came
he limped across the soaken’ field
as eyes would meet and mouth his name
and there was I to be his shield.

The skin was sore in blood soaked cloth
yet steel was born within his mind
despite the wound he carried on
and fought until the end of time.


This poem is dedicated to my oldest son, who is 9. It simply is inspired by his braveness this Sunday, during a soccer match.

My boy played his heart out but came off in tears. The boots he was wearing where too small. He had outgrown them. He loved these boots but knowing how much they cost he kept this too himself because he didn’t want us to have to worry about the money.

As he limped off the pitch, despite being man on the match and not letting his team mates down, he couldn’t stop crying and that is when i found out. The back of his ankle had rubbed raw and was bleeding.

My boy grew up today, and my boy got his new boots.


This is my poem for One shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry, which opens at 10pm UK (5pmEST).  A great platform for poets to share and promote their work

image courtesy creative commons flickr http://farm1.static.flickr.com/95/217725023_b4e6827028_m.jpg


58 Responses to “>For My Boy”

  1. >What a beautiful, heart-felt poem, Pete.

  2. >This is just quite simply, wonderful. And you made me cry.

  3. >This is so beautiful and I am so glad to have read it today. We all need to be reassured of how important it is to fight for something we believe no matter how much suffering it will bring us.We'll also have new boots when we grow up and wise enough to deserve them.Thank you muchly for sharing such beautiful poem. =*

  4. >A boy's tears mirrored in the pain and pride of a father's heart. Beautiful, Pete.

  5. >This is absolutely beautiful. I would never have known it was about a match of any sort. I almost thought you were going to say it was inspired by his graduation or something to that extent. Thank you for sharing!

  6. >This is such a touching post. Your son obviously knows how difficult life is for you at the moment. You must be so proud of him. A wonderful tribute to him.Christine

  7. >nice. great job being there too dad…boys need that when they walk off the battlefield…

  8. >A rite of passage earned.

  9. >Such a tremendous poem!

  10. >Puts everything else in perspective. Doesn't matter how much you try and hide things from your kids they pick up on things.Your boy has a heart of a warrior Pete. Well done him, and well done you for penning such a wonderful tribute to himS

  11. >How wonderful for a 9 year old to be so selfless in a world where kids want it all, and want it right now. A beautiful poem to a great boy, from a dad who is doing a great job raising him.

  12. >Beautiful poem. I'm glad your son got his boots. He sounds like a wonderful son.

  13. >Children are the best teachers of the important parts of being human. A brave and selfless deed, to hide his pain and bear it to spare you worry and expense.A boy and a poem to be proud of.

  14. >what almost brought me to tears pete was this line..and there was I to be his shield..

  15. >Aw, Pete you brought tears. More so with your story after. You are a wonderful father and have a tremendous heart. Beautiful poem, beautiful story… and beautiful you.

  16. >Oh Peter- This brought tears to my eyes (so did Brian's)… My son is 8- This poem is so powerul and loving and meaninngful- how could he bear wearing those …you sure are a great proud dadhugsD.

  17. >Beautiful poem, a touching tribute to your son's valient efforts.

  18. >beautiful poem & very sweet. :,]

  19. >Beautiful words, and a little hero, there.

  20. >This is so wonderfully heartfelt and full of very real emotions, it's not often poetry really causes a rush in the senses like this does, such a lovely tribute.

  21. >a very touching post…enjoyed the prose as much as the poem.

  22. >Every week you put yourself right out there on the line and draw us in with the majesty and sincerity of your words. Your talent is only exceeded by your generosity of heart. Gay @beachanny

  23. >The boy's got the fight of his old man! Very well done, Pete. Touching poem.

  24. >The love and pride you have for your boy fell off the page into my heart..I have one son (16 now) and I know exactly of what you speak.. They are such young men..You are so blessed!!!

  25. >you've done well, both with the poem and obviously with raising your son

  26. >Flawless rhythm and strong pulse right through this piece Pete. I honestly thought it was a battlefield, in fact the tone of it reminds me very much of a villanelle I wrote. I hope you don't mind but I'll send you the link as I'd like your opinion on it.I hope you've let your boy read this :)Carys

  27. >My goodness – so touching, every word; and suitably so, for the event behind them. Sad but moving to hear, inspiring in its way – you've raised a good son, Pete. No wonder you're proud!

  28. >You moved my heart with your poem and my spirit with the story of your son's caring soul. Beautiful seems so inadequate a description.

  29. >When pain takes on poetic form, the poet does humanity some good. He draws out what hurts and gives it rhyme, imbues it with grace and beauty like your poem here. You write of your pain so beautifully, and with so much courage! It beams like a light to those who are wont to despair. Keep on, Pete! The universe gives back in time.

  30. >Beautiful poem about the courage and depth of character your young one has at only the ripe age of nine. It amazes me – far more then many adults, but it was also a teary eyed poem to read, You have a sensitive, compassionate young man there, isn't nice to know he is your son you are writing about. joanny

  31. >OMG Pete..what a brave young man you have! touched my heart, tears flew on my cheeks..felt his pain and his braveheart, God bless him and keep you to him, a great boy who made my eyes wet!love how you put it in words, thanks for sharing with us your great moments Pete.hugs to you and your brave young man..:)

  32. >Wonderful and from the heart. Such vivid images created in this poem!

  33. >Pete….you are such a classical poet! That is something I enjoy so much about your work. Your form is tops, haunting.Your explanation brought me to tears. We parents are always on the edge with these things….balancing life and substance with our selves and children.Your son is admirable. As are you.Lady Nyo

  34. >I think the war metaphor is perfect for expressing this "coming of age" moment.

  35. >Pete this is awesome….you are blessed! 🙂

  36. betweenhearts75 Says:

    >A tearful reading of hard times, yes, definitely becoming a man, and I think shall be a very good one that depicts heart, like his father who reflects it so well in these words filled with emotion. Incredible writing Pete. ~April

  37. >Lovely tribute to your son. Your word choice and form take me to the time of fierce-hearted knights, of which your son is definitely one. Thank you for sharing.

  38. >Tears. Thank you. Amazing story about everything.

  39. >I have a big lump in my throat and tears on my cheeks. You have a fine son there, Pete. And a beautiful poem it is.

  40. >My eyes welled up reading this one, Pete.. you have one great kid, I can tell you that! When children mature, that's just it!! You feel a sense of accomplishment, and a sense of void at the same time… how time flies!A beautiful and moving poem, my friend… Verse on, P.. you are as amazing as ever!

  41. >Bless his little sweet soul…sounds like you have raised a compassionate young man of whom to be very proud.

  42. >Wow. If there is indeed a second volume of the OSW poems, this HAS to make it in. Not only is it one of the best poems I have read of yours Pete, its backstory is a truly inspiring one. From the dank depths of the struggles with unemployment and money, a tale of awe and pride occasionally springs to warm the heart. Sounds like you have a smasher of a lad there Pete, and a smasher of a poem here. If I wore a hat, I'd take it off to you.

  43. >Oh, Pete! Great poem but the inspiration behind it just caused me to get something in my eye. Forget a critique of the poem…I'm so deeply moved and that's the ultimate a poem can achieve.

  44. >Sweet words for a sweet son. You are a man, a poet with heart.PS: My experimental communal poem is done, check it out (I'll go over to One Shot blog next & let everyone know):http://thechocolatechipwaffle.blogspot.com/2011/01/poem-she-gathered-words-experimental.htmlAnd thanks for all the poetry and writerly support.

  45. >What an amazing poem and amazing story!

  46. >Such a brave young man and such a proud Papa…this is truly a touching story beautifully penned

  47. >Very beautiful expression of pride, Pete. I know your son can only have learned all that he did on that soccer field from his dad.

  48. >Your son is precious and yes, very much a man. This was a great poem and a great dedication to your son.

  49. >Beautiful and touching. A great dad as well! Thank you for sharing.

  50. >WOW This is a beauty, on one hand the courage and strength of your son and your heart another loving father flowing into beautiful words. made me wet my eyes. Blessings for him and all your family.

  51. >Very emotionally connecting and beautiful… ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.comTwitter @VerseEveryDay

  52. >What a sweet, lovely poem and tribute to your brave son! A man indeed, a boy to be proud of, as I know you are…

  53. >Hi Pete– loved the initial elegy but even more, your explanation so rich in detail and the love exchanged between father and son. It would be wonderful to see you weave all of that into a poem. best– j

  54. >This is amazing and deserving of tears in reading…as the mother of a boy..I know how much a son can pull your heart -especially as they grow and work their way through life into manhood…beautiful, really beautiful…bkm

  55. >I love your stories Pete. I actually figured out most of the story (minus the part about him not wanting to tell you he needed new boots, i did figure it was a soccer match) before you got to the prose part. thanks so much for sharing.

  56. >Love the inherent pride feel of this, with the melancholic finish. Excellent.

  57. >what a sweet poem and what wonderful character your son has!

  58. >A great poem for your son…

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