>Broken Breakers


Broken Breakers

In line they stand so proud and tall
whilst comrades lie both beat & broke
and sunsets blur a weary sky 
as pebbles wait for tides to choke

the boats set sail on evening swell
that sweeps beyond the swollen creeks
and cast their nets with hope held high
yet on the shores a lover weeps

for three set sail just yesterday
yet two returned to share their hoard
amongst the rocks & cockleshells
lay those that left to meet their Lord

the tides have strength but lack in heart
and choose not man for all they see
but flesh upon a beaten soul
that takes the breath too easily

and then they drift and out they go
to leave once more a broken beach
the breakers stand a mournful still
to wait once more for tides to reach 


Today’s poem for One Shot Wednesday, which opens at 10pm UK time tonight, has been inspired by the art work of my friend & local artist, Donna Cove, who, I am pleased to say, has finally set up a blog to showcase some of her work. This can be seen at coveart.wordpress.com


32 Responses to “>Broken Breakers”

  1. >but flesh upon beaten soul…they are indiscriminate these waves that break upon us…and we choose are we the broken from it…nice one shot my friend…mine will be up at noon…my time…so soon…

  2. >Hi Pete. I have managed to get into your poem, thank goodness, and what a poem it is. It made me go all goose bumpy. You are a real talent and can create such an atmosphere with each poem. Well done. I shall try the last one again and see if i can get in now.Christine

  3. >Strong use of imagery and mood.

  4. >The nature of one is not to consider the other and one is food for another. Dark capture here today, Pete, but beautiful as the image it was written for. Thank you as always,Gay

  5. >You've used similar artwork before I remember looking at a boat last time? This is darkly atmospheric and the loss is tangible which is what your words do to these inanimate objects…bring them to life. I've been trying to write in rhyme for a few days now…and it's done my bloody head in Pete, how you manage it is way beyond me!

  6. >As a sailor I know that even the stoutest crews can't win the battle with the sea.Nice poem and loved the artist's rendition.

  7. >Love the strong flow of the words. Paints a grand picture!

  8. >I and my ballad stand humbled, pete 🙂 love this scene of rhythum'd grace and forlorn tone 🙂

  9. >this poem, once again, is a fantastic write.bewitching words draw me in to a world of the past. Not sure why but your poem did magic for medeep and compellingjust love your stylethank you

  10. >Vivid imagery – I enjoyed reading this very much

  11. >Awesome imagery! it's like a story in a poem. One of my favourites.

  12. >Beautiful imagery underscored with creative reflection! Especially loved "the tides have strength but lack in heart".

  13. >Such a vivid poem. The images breathtaking. I was taken in by this poem, great job!

  14. >"amongst the rocks & cockleshellslay those that left to meet their Lord"Gorgeous.

  15. >Very good, Pete. It makes me think of all the fishermen who lost their lives to the sea, and the wives who waited, hoping their man wouldn't be one of them.

  16. >Flows like the sea, and those broken breakers personified carry a weight for both life and the befallen. Deep poem that makes me consider the fortune of survivors.

  17. >Always nice to see one work of art spur forth another – and the waves and the coast are always there to spur that creative spark in artist and writer alike. Strong sense of image you've assembled for us here. The tone is somewhat melancholy, dark…but the image, the words that stem from it are a beauty.

  18. >On one hand, they play at our senses, gently tickling us and inviting us to their wonder world.. and on the other, they are fierce and heartless, ungiving and ruthless! And yet, they shall never cease to amaze us.. these waves.. Very beautifully written, my friend.. an ode to the waves which even THEY will appreciate… I liked your dark approach here, Pete.. it gave the waves an aura of mysticism (most deserved, I believe)A great one shot!!

  19. >Wow, I have a black and white photo of breakers in my bathroom and I always look at it and think there's a poem in there. This may persuade me to finally write it and post it with a picture of the photo. Your piece is fantastic once again Pete, your rhymes are expertly crafted and the rhythm sways so brilliantly, like waves or wind upon a shore. Top notch.

  20. >I love when I am reading something and I can immediately get a feeling of 'being there'…where all the senses are engaged. That's happened with your work many times and this one is no exception. Wonderful.

  21. >I really like weary sky and your rhythm!I remember seeing posts like these and always thinking they were piers- and then discovering the difference betweenthem and weirs- which I thought of because of casting nets. Thanks.

  22. >YESYESYES!!!!!! Now THIS is poetry. Meter, rhyme, perfectly turned phrasing and captivating imagery that evokes powerful emotion. YES!!! This is my kind of read. LOVE it.

  23. >A beautiful rhythmic piece, set to a sorrowful story.Pamela

  24. >Cool One-shot, thanks!

  25. >Peter you are a master at weaving tales – it truly is your calling.really enjoyed this one..bkm

  26. >Gorgeous and so vivid.

  27. >Like so much of your amazing poetry, I had to read this multiple times to even touch the surface. I didn't notice the rhyming until my third time through. The first reading I just felt it ~ the randomness of the lives taken by the sea, the sorrow of those left on shore waiting for their loved ones who will never return. The second time through, I took in the words and phrases you used ~ stunning. And the third time I tried to pay attention to your technique. I'll read it again and again, and always get something more from it. A beautiful poem, Pete, on every level. dani

  28. >This is gorgeous! Your use of imagery is so strong. I am completely captivated by this piece.

  29. >Dear PeteIts an amazing verse… thanks for sharing.ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.comTwitter: @VerseEveryDay

  30. >Beautiful imagery Pete. I really enjoyed this poem of yours. I felt I was one of the unfortunate sailors to have meet up with the sea. Thank you for sharing.

  31. >Great images to ponder and reflection upon.

  32. >Fantastic..The last stanza is my favorite..I superlike 🙂

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