No one seemed to smile today
upon their face a weary frown
with troubled eyes and heavy hearts
and souls that wandered through the town.
The rain had spat across my brow
and chills would mar my aching bones
inside I sat in warmth and prayed
but still no smiles were ever shown.

Yet hope was sought on flickered screens
in numbered doubts that troubled minds
a pen was held in front of me
to sign once more upon the line
and painted nails played QWERTY tricks
who’s eye’s would stare inside of me
beyond her gaze I saw the clouds
and hardened times on troubles streets.

No one seemed to smile today
so I took the car and drove away
I found a place to be alone
and watched the passing of the day.
I saw the birds all huddled tight
to ward the chill from causing ill’s
and watched the cars just drive on past
yet no one smiled behind their wheel.

I saw the joggers running by
who breathed new life into their soul
and as their feet would pound the ground
the fear of loss would take its toll.
I saw the pain within your eye’s
when I returned to be alone
I held you close to hide despair
the smile was gone no longer known.


This is my poem for One Shot Wednesday…a fantastic platform organised by One Stop Poetry…opens tonight, and every Tuesday at 10pm UK Time

image courtesy creative commons flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/jimmybrown/


38 Responses to “>Alone”

  1. >chilling pete…i will give you a smile if it will brighten the day…i know the need to be alone at times…and i know the feel of coming home…hold onto her…

  2. >You just pound the senses with every new poem and I have no doubts as to why you have become one of my favorite writers.

  3. >That's very cool, Pete. Thank you, my friend 🙂

  4. >Pete you resolve this which you don't always do. the comfort in the midst of despair is better than a smile…Excellent in contentyour lunar compadre

  5. >what a sad poem….you really pour your feelings into them….and it really moved me. Thanks for sharing *smiles* 🙂

  6. >This is permeated — shot-through, in fact — with sadness, a sense of loss. Well done, Pete. Very well done,

  7. >There's only one thing I could say here {{{{hug}}}} mate xxx

  8. >This is wonderful, what a flow….

  9. >reminded me of what our known world must have been on 9/11. great tale of sad world around us.

  10. >Terresa's poem is a kind of companion to yours, though she's writing about Virginia Woolf.I'm really struck by the depth of sadness in your closing lines: "when I returned to be alone I held you close to hide despair the smile was gone no longer known". Wishing you light and peace.

  11. >This is good. There are times alone is all we can grasp…and despair get clutched in an embrace.Man, I wonder how many more have this poem etched in their hearts.

  12. >A really amazing poet friend of mine once described the comfort that we find in being alone as 'the canyon within' and this reminded me of his words Pete. There is sadness and strength in this, in equal measure. A solid write.

  13. >Wow, such images and just when I thought I understood, I realized I really didn't. Great read and well written!

  14. >The echoes in the hollow halls will never leave or forsake you Pete!

  15. >very poignant…. sorrow and hopelessness until the embrace at the end… i wanted to hold onto that glimmer of hope so i'm not sure it's even there. a beautifully constructed, if sad, One Shot. dani

  16. >Strong poem and very vivid imagery – hugs

  17. >what a sad, powerful poem… almost brought tears. x

  18. >divorce is like that. whether that is what you are meaning or not. That's what it felt like to meloss…for sureyou are one of my favorite writers as well. thank youwell deserved comments

  19. >Wow..so well written…I feel like I am the one experiencing it 🙂

  20. >Very beautiful and tender despite the bleakness– especially love the third stanza, its simplicity yet such resonance for all of us who know such emptiness. Fewer worries for the poem I posted now in reading yours. xxxj

  21. >You have expressed the feelings that go with depression so well. A very sad but beautifully written poem. Well done Pete.

  22. >That was simply beautiful. The strength in your words reaches out.CJ

  23. >A smile shared lifts everyone's spirits. Here's one to lift yours. :)Lovely poem!

  24. >Dour and woeful, but I'm smiling out of spite. :)Nice One Shot, Pete.

  25. >Wow. This conveys such despair. Really well done.

  26. >lot of sadness in your words. i know this feeling well when the walls close in on me at times and life seems to be gray and hope seemed to have vanished..very heartfelt words pete and a beautiful poem

  27. >A beautiful poem full of sadness with such a smooth flow.Anita.

  28. >Out of such raw, dark, and dead end feelings you craft such elegant, polished, subtle verse. A lament as despairing as Russian novels and you complete the sadness in a compact few lines. Brilliant and intense dear friend.

  29. >Your separation for tragedy makes for hope around every bend. Your way with words is inspiring. ♥

  30. >Pete…this is so raw and honest. I love love love your honesty and the tone. Nice nice job.amy jo (difficult degrees)

  31. >Very moving, Pete… Sometimes, those 'alone' moments help… and sometimes, they don't… One little hug from the one you love, can at times prove to be the best shelter ever!I hope the life in your smile never dies, my friend… Keep writing…

  32. >Well done1 Love the traditional rhythm and rhyme, the juxtaposition as another said of depression and comfort. But as Brian noted, it's the chill we're left with.

  33. >Smiles don't come easy at times… because of the so many reasons… but we must look well inside and find it and as we make the effort and move the one hundred muscles, a remarkable difference will take place.:)D.

  34. >There is nothing sadder to me than a disappearing smile… however I really enjoyed the rhythym. You describe the truth of why smiles disappear with chilling effectiveness.My One Shot: Stop Licking the Drain

  35. >The imagery is very good, and I like the repeated mention of no smiles. I had trouble getting a rhythm for it in my head, though, because the only punctuation you use is full stops. A stylistic matter, I suppose.

  36. >Very well written — expressed that 'time' when it is best to be alone to feel the despair — but there is a time to came back — to love – to be held, – to forget the troubles of the day within each others warm embrace. so very true,, Pete. Joanny

  37. >Intense, emotional (replete with chilly externals), super-effective.

  38. >Sad poem but beautifully written!HugsMarinela x

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