>A Shared Desire: Poetry from the Darkened Tales


A Shared Desire
Poetry from the Darkened Tales

A howl would carry on the wind
that whipped through bones, lay bare and broke,
where slumped against a concrete wall
lay worthless scum the Scarecrow choked.
Yet once this waste was mothers pride,
before a life of drink and dope,
and ravaged arms and needle marks
disguise where once lay parents hope.
The cards are often stacked against
and praise was ever rarely spoke,
he chewed the fat of life’s mistakes
and left them there, these ravaged folk.

She lived through years, a lasting hope,
as times would change and battles fought
but always looked beyond her back 
for time was all her battles brought.

Her age would show within her eyes
as tears would flow and gently soak
and stain the flowing tapestry
where words were sewn and softly spoke.
She felt the warmth of raging flames
then slipped herself from out her cloak,
her body lithe upon the bed
awaiting Scarecrows fumbled grope.
The blood was caked upon his face
when joy would come and with him hope,
she held him close, her talisman,
as Cougar smiled her yearnings woke.


This poem belongs to the Darkened Tales Series, and has also been shared with One Shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry, which opens tonight at 10pm UK time

If you haven’t already, please also vote for One Stop Poetry in the Shorty Awards. There are two categories applicable, Art & Poetry, many thanks, Pete

image used creative commons flickr gforster67

41 Responses to “>A Shared Desire: Poetry from the Darkened Tales”

  1. >The cougar and the scarecrow, very apt 😉 Love the darkened tales Pete, this one especially the transitional stanza in the middle shifted the balance. Glad to see the darkened tales in full swing.

  2. >chewed the fat off lifes mistakes…this is a tight write pete…have a great one shot!

  3. >I LOVE this! The 'Darkened Tales' are becoming favorites and looked forward to with anticipation.

  4. >Darkened, yet full of glimmers of humanity."…Her age would show within her eyes/as tears would flow and gently soak/and stain the flowing tapestry/where words were sewn and softly spoke…" <-love this image.

  5. >Oh my. A very dark picture to start us off…there's your scarecrow, creepy as can be. Glad to see more from the Darkened Tales though, Pete – always deliver quality. Some sultriness to this one, in an interesting image…that of the scarecrow and the cougar…interesting to see them come together. Personifying each, you steadily build them, first individually, than through one another in the soft conclusion…tender, in its way.

  6. >I have no words, as you’ve said them all; this is a well crafted poem, with plenty of dark realities. A few beers in a quiet pub, would soon see us sharing stories. Cheers, Dave

  7. >Amazing, I was completely pulled in while I read!

  8. >You have a talent for this kind of poem; your voice is distinctive. You create such an atmosphere with your images.

  9. >This is a really good read, dark and interesting with many twists. Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  10. >Dark yet with a touch of humanity.A beautiful write.Pamela

  11. >yes the dark age where chivalry lacks but the 'mothers son' he once was that ~ that one line pulled me up Pete ~ and whatever came he was a Mothers son ~ as ever ~ brightly sharp with that edge ~ Loved ~ Lib ~

  12. >Lot going on beneath the surface of this one. Definitely dark with tragic undercurrents introduced in the beginning. Excellent One Shot, Pete!

  13. >Not sure if Mom and Dad will like where he's ended up, but MY GOD, as inspiration he's done one heck of a job. This is creepy, dark, and worthy of great praise. The storey teller lives strong with in you…and the image..I won't sleep tonight!

  14. >What on earth can I say that hasn't already been said. I am your number one fan. You rock, Pete. No one can touch you in this form..not now, not ever. As Maureen said your voice is unique.

  15. >This is so haunting!

  16. >Dark and creepy, yet it's a darkness that lives within so many. The lines about the parents' failed hope were especially haunting for me. Every parent prays to never find a Scarecrow in their child, and yet sadly, too many do.

  17. >cougar hahaha i thought of a older woman, sexy of course.

  18. >Deliciously decadent

  19. >magical!these lines brought tears to my eyeYet once this waste was mothers pride,before a life of drink and dope,and ravaged arms and needle marksdisguise where once lay parents hopeamazingthank you

  20. >I agree. This is amazing–the dark side of humanity. I love the imagery.

  21. >damn. you are good, pete. and I do so love a dark tale. I can't say more than's already been said cept. . .damn. 🙂

  22. >terrific, pete– especially liked: Her age would show within her eyesas tears would flow and gently soakand stain the flowing tapestrywhere words were sewn and softly spoke.–j

  23. >I was so pulled in by the story–deliciously dark and raw!

  24. >ooh! the 'Darkened Tales'! Love it – dark yet gentle somehow 🙂

  25. >'…where words were sewn and sofly spoke…'I read this poem again. And then again. It shifts. It's haunting and beautiful.Excellent.

  26. >I love these tales, "darkened" as they are. Good one, Pete.

  27. >My first encounter with poems from the 'Darkened Tales' and I have to say, I will definitely be reading some more! Loved it!

  28. >This is such a classic, Pete. Marvelous usage of imagery, and more than poignant….downright scary!I haven't had a chance to read your darkened tales, but what an appropriate name!Lady Nyo…still shivering.

  29. >Pete, you drew me in and roused my symphathy.I want to believe life all makes sense in the end.Good one! Thank you.

  30. >Darkened tales always interest me. This one is VERY good…tears of the sky fall to the ground

  31. >Really loving the Darkened Tales and around every blackened corner you hold a surprise that still catches me off guard."…Her age would show within her eyes/as tears would flow and gently soak/and stain the flowing tapestry/where words were sewn and softly spoke…"Intriquing, captivating and beautifully penned!

  32. >A vivid, stately poem!

  33. >Heart-rending. Well done, Pete.

  34. >Your Darkened Tales I consider your signature work…you must be a lover of Poe…where is Vincent Price when you need him…bkm

  35. >Dark, sad, haunting … but simply brilliant!"awaiting Scarecrows fumbled grope" – this line was mind numbingly awesome!! Brought (scary but) vivid images to mind!! There was something very visual about this one.. (chills!!)

  36. >I liked it very much… very powerfully written… thanks for sharing…ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com/2011/01/whispers-emptiness-and-soul.html

  37. >I really enjoy reading your darkened tales, and this was one was especially good!

  38. >this one played a tune in mind, now I'm so terrified… great read

  39. >Pete, for some reason this made me think of the movie 'Leaving Las Vegas. Don't know if you've seen it. Nick Cage plays an alcoholic and a Elizabeth Shue a hooker who form an unlikely bond. The tale is tragic but touchingly poignant as is your piece. Some wonderful lines, my favouritesYet once this waste was mothers pride,before a life of drink and dope,and ravaged arms and needle marksdisguise where once lay parents hope.An excellent write.

  40. >A scarecrow and a cougar. What a Combination. we can almost see the darkness looming over the poem. Nice One Shot, Thank you for sharing.

  41. >Excellent, mood-suffusive, great use of images.

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