>Within His Realm: A Poem by Pete Marshall


Within His Realm
a poem by Pete Marshall

H.G. Wells would sit upon
a swivel chair and ponder on
a World at War with Time Machines
where Halo Reached beyond his dreams.

And in the cellar far below
a Martian searched, an amber glow,
as rain would fall and wet the ground
revealing Man whose footsteps found
the Shape of Things within this barn
where years would pass and come to harm
and Sleepers Woke to tell their tales
as Orson spoke a Country wailed.

Whilst Man would walk upon the Moon
Begotten Stars saw purple blooms
which led to where the flowers grow
upon the isle of Dr Moreau


This is my poem for One Shoot Sunday, at One Stop Poetry. The amazing image is taken by Sean McCormick, who has been featured today

26 Responses to “>Within His Realm: A Poem by Pete Marshall”

  1. >Nice flow, nice poem

  2. >Spot on perfect with the literary references and flow! Definitely one of my favorite poems of yours…"as Orson spoke a Country wailed." (Nice work, Coach! Congrats to the Leopards)

  3. >..and minds, immeasurably superior to ours regarded this earth with envious eyes – and slowly – and surely, they drew their plans against us…ha – h.g. wells brought back these verses from the war of the worlds..we translated it to german in 9th grade and still, they stick with me..now i see those time machines all over the photo and your poem…

  4. >Nice take Pete, wars that rage in hues of purple, and usually go off silently within

  5. >No joke, this absolutely amazing. Sorry for the poor quality of this comment, but I'm literally speechless Pete. Honestly, I think this is beyond clever.

  6. >This poem Is AMAZING. Everything about it is Right. Capital R. The rhyme, the references to aliens in abandoned warehouses and to Orwell, the pacing, the inner melody , the imagery… G R E A T work Pete. Two thumbs up.

  7. >Love the rhythms, pains hinted at by your reference to other worlds, other being like Orson and Dr. Moreau.

  8. >Beautiful flow and Orson would be tickled to read this. Dr. Moreau? Hmmm…it's google time.

  9. >A wonderful atmosphere evoked with your words….definately one of my favorites of yours, and there are SO many.

  10. >Loved it! Smooth flow, kept me reading with a smile that is still there!

  11. >Wonderful homage to the masters of imagination that has its own place in the litany and fits the prompt picture perfectly. That is definitely a house with aliens in the basement! The rhyme, of course, I loved–you always manage to make the rhyming integral but not too sickly sweet and predictable–wish I had that skill, pete. Loved this one.

  12. >dude your verse rocks…some fun rhyme scheme and love the literary references…

  13. >This was wonderful…loved the flow, the rhymes, the references.

  14. >imaginationi am getting webbed feeti wonder if it is all the rainor if something happened while i slept

  15. >Great write, Pete!

  16. >Left me speechless. Everyone else said things I might have said. I like that you took the surreal path through this one. Rich image yields rich results. Good work, sir!

  17. >Great poem, you have such a great imagination.

  18. >This is fabulous.Love it!So creative and inventive.

  19. >I really can't add anything that hasn't already been said. Not even sure if I'm worthy of commenting…let my silence represent my awe!

  20. >Great thinking in bringing Wells to life here…and his vision of what could be….bkm

  21. >this is an amazing poem. love it!

  22. >Aaah…wow!! Vivid with a wonderful movie-like feel to it! Enjoyed reading your take on the prompt, Pete… much enjoyed it!I always read your poems out aloud… they are so rhythmic…

  23. >"Whilst Man would walk upon the MoonBegotten Stars saw purple blooms"Loved the sound of that, and the whimsy.

  24. >Way too cool! Nice composition.

  25. >wow! all this from that awesome photo! amazing!

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