>I was 10 in ’77


I was 10 in ‘77
by Pete Marshall

I was 10 in ‘77
when first I felt the force
of hardened fists from wayward scum
that pinned me down in makeshift courts

I was 10 in ‘77
when first I heard an iron lung
that breathed in deep and rasped for breath
as grandpa’s life was finely hung

I was dead in ‘77
until they came and filled the screen
and gave me hope to live each day
amongst the stars and laser beams

I was 10 in ‘77
when  faith would come into my life
and gave me strength to fight the dark
that gripped my mind throughout the night

I was 10 in ‘77
the age my boy is now
when sci-fi scenes and school boy dreams
caused visual sensual wow


This is my poem for the One Shoot Sunday picture prompt, image by JackAZ Photography

21 Responses to “>I was 10 in ’77”

  1. >Seeing The Empire Strikes Back at a very young age mesmerized & spooked me at first… Your poem spans the generations in this poem through an iconic film that still has worldwide impact—for so many an unforgettable viewing experience.

  2. >I was a little older than 10 in '77but this brought back a lot of memories, good and bad (just like the porm). And 1977 was when the first Star Wars movie hit the theaters.Good poem, Pete.

  3. >I was born in 77…old bugger you! I'm actually quite jealous that you saw this first time round. I think I saw it at Christmas one year. Still you bought the personal into the poem which gave it a really human take Pete.

  4. >I remember 1977, my brother was on fire and saw that movie 7 times. I went once, I think it was a guy thing. Now lets talk about Indiana Jones…

  5. >Love your poem, very well done. I had a lot of ideas, but not time this Sunday. So I settled for a haiku…Great memories here in this poem. But I, as a woman, have to love Christine's comment and I agree 100%. Let's talk about Indiana Jones! LOL

  6. >dude i saw star wars at the drive in and made my parents take me to Empire while we were on vacay…yeah the force is string in this one…great piece…

  7. >we reference Life with timelines, full grown eyes, backtracking with young hearts…I could not help but fall prey to your words and pause…Homer, Alaska, 18 without fear or knowledge, log cabin, outhouses, lanterns, running water meant run and get some and playing Jazz with geniuses…I saw the movie in 83'…I hadn't looked in a while, thanksPeace, hp

  8. >wow. amazing poem Pete.

  9. >Very nice Peter….my son was born in 77' a very good year for me….you bring back good memories…bkm

  10. >I was not 10 in 77 as you well know. But we were in line for first showings of every StarWars film. We had the album; I carefully cut the music for the boy to skate as he raced the stars on silver edges. Your poems brilliantly takes us on a trip through time. Thanks, as always, Gay

  11. >"when first I felt the force" "when first I heard an iron lung"with each line I smiled, with thoughts of the movie, only to be crush with reality. You paint a wondrous picture of being a young boy of 10 in '77 and how a movie has the power to lift spirits and change lives.Lovely poem.

  12. >i turned 22 that year.fun poem.

  13. >this reminds me about my connection with Harry Potter. it's neat how fiction can affect us so much.Miranda<3

  14. >ditto christine and margaret about the 'guy thing' …. but enjoyed your poem a lot ..captivating 🙂

  15. >Well I was born 10 years later..I loved how you captured the emotions in such a beautiful way…lovely 🙂

  16. >What an emotion recalling story, you took me right back to '77. Wonderful writing!

  17. >I was five and your poem resonates with my time growing up,beautifully. That film was a favourite for so many – along with E.T! Don't you cry at the same places every time as if it were the first? Shah .X

  18. >I was five and your poem resonates with my time growing up,beautifully. That film was a favourite for so many – along with E.T! Don't you cry at the same places every time as if it were the first? Shah .X

  19. >I'm blown away by this poem – amazed by what you did with that picture (I remain completely stumped by it, fan though I am of Star Wars).You poem has such a fine balance between the harsh realities of a young boy's world and the escape to another, which the movie offers…And a boy learnt he too could be a hero.Superb.

  20. >I appreciate the power of his words that form the amalgam of the expression of life, hard as it is and always will be.I was happy to see you in the blog world."I hope your week be sweet like honey "Adele – 'Isha Shiri'

  21. >An excellent, excellent, poignant poem, Pete. One that has the great rhythm going and a lovely list of memories…which, can make excellent poetry!Lady Nyo

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