>Cockle World: A Poem for my Daughter


Cockle World 
A Poem For My Daughter

Within her mind is Cockle world
that hides from truths in fluffy clouds,
with trees of pink and lilac hues,
orange streams and purple views.
Where Lep – Lep roams & rules her land,
fairies come & brothers banned!

Those large brown eyes tell stories too
the ones that love & listen through.
She never pauses or takes a breath,
she roars through life on urgent quests.
But do not think she doesn’t care,
beneath those clouds that crazy hair
is a heart that’s pure, that’s kind & true
that when you’re down will comfort you.

And don’t be fooled that she’s not there,
lost in the clouds above her hair,
for this ones mind is very bright
she’ll dig in deep, she’s always right!
Then back she goes to Cockle world
that hides from truths in fluffy clouds.
Brian Miller of One Stop Poetry is celebrating Spring today! 
Nothing reminds me more of spring than that of my daughter, and I couldn’t resist surfacing an old poem that I wrote about her quite a way back. When we moved into our house the backyard was just that, a concrete hell. I began to dig it up, clear it out, bring in flowers & shrubs, lay a lawn. The following spring was when our yard became a garden, and that was when our daughter was born too. Now every spring, as the flowers bloom and the sun shines we celebrate not just spring but our daughters birthday too.


Whilst posting this also gives me a chance to revisit the comments that I made about Blogging & commenting earlier this week, after my poem, Alas, for One Shot Wednesday.

The point I so tried to make was I didn’t want people to feel they needed to comment on me, just comment because they want to. I also wanted people to understand that I knew how hard it is to try and comment on everyone’s work and through my honesty I was hoping that I could give reassurance to those of you that struggled.

This week I read every single poem of One Shot Wednesday, yet only commented on a handful. I managed to do this because I didn’t have to write a comment at the end of each, and by doing so I was able to savour and enjoy the poetry that much more.

The thing is though, after having left my views, one kind friend pointed something out to me that I hadn’t taken in to account. I wont mention who she is, I will spare her blushes, but she made a very valid point that I had never realised. You see she said that what I was trying to convey may well have been misconstrued and read that I may be saying “I have no time for others poetry!” I was aghast at this, as she knew I would be. I hadn’t realised that my  comment on another’s poem was a comment that was seen as encouragement. The thing is I just see myself as a Blogger sharing his work.

I do read so much poetry and yes it is hard to comment on everyone’s work, but I also understand what my friend was conveying and take her wise comments on board too.

Thanks for listening………Pete

14 Responses to “>Cockle World: A Poem for my Daughter”

  1. >That's a beautiful poem for your daughter, Pete. It expresses your feelings for her so well.

  2. >love this poem and that photo is so precious.

  3. >What a precious and beautiful poem for you Daughter Peter…I love her cockle world where brothers are banned…so cute as is the photo..blessings…bkm

  4. >beautiful!thank you

  5. >smiles. your poem is beautiful pete, as i am sure your dughter is as well…

  6. >Happy birthday mini pete number 2 😛 I can't believe my comment earlier didn't take…but it was along the lines of children have a way of making you go…oh hell yes…:D

  7. >Pete~Your love seeps through the screen as I read about your daughter here. Terrific tribute.Here's mine:http://www.kimnelsonwrites.com/2011/03/04/things-are-looking-up/

  8. >i love when you write about your children ~ your love for them comes out in every word.i understand both what you said the other day and what you are saying today about commenting. there just are not enough hours in a day for me to visit every amazing poet's blog that i would like to, let alone comment on every one. many times i will leave just a one or two-word comment like stunning! or love it! because there just isn't time for more. {plus i don't have any knowledge of poetry beyond what i like and cannot give a "critique" or comment on technique.}i can look at the stats on my blog to see that "x" number of views were received that day, but a comment always lifts my spirits. there IS something special, though, in receiving a comment from any one of you who created One Stop Poetry ~ it makes me feel like a poet.whether you comment or not, the work you put in at One Stop Poetry is greatly appreciated.*hugs* dani

  9. >Cheers mate…that were right good! (spoken like and ex-brit patriot with a very strong Yorkshire accent!)

  10. >I must have read this poem half a dozen times. The first stanza made me hold my breath every time I read it. The second and third are so full of love and understanding…makes my hear ache..I have a two year old who is quite mature for his age…who walks up to inform me when he has done something naughty…heart breaking!

  11. >Lovely poem Pete.I bet you have a lovely daughter too.I got what you meant with your comments on Wednesday as it echoed my feelings. Sometimes I just want to enjoy, not have to think of clever things to say.

  12. >I picture the little one with arms out stretched, face turn up toward the boughs above, twirling around as pink petals magically fall all around her…I think I can even hear her giddy laughter…thoughts in the clouds with feet firmly planted on the ground is just as we all should be…

  13. >ur poem somehow has made me horribly sentimental. It's beautiful! :)As for your posts regarding comments etc and also others' take in this comment box – only one thing comes across to me very vividly and that is, there is an urgency among you veterans to make all of us, new comers or wanna be writers feel encouraged and loved. Thank you. and I feel I am at the right place with right kind of people. love n regards for all.

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