>My Heart Not Knows: by Pete Marshall


My Heart Not Knows
by Pete Marshall

My heart not knows where love will lie
Upon a cursed & ravaged bed
And storms will rage in darkened skies
My heart not knows where love will lie
No longer touched by waking eyes
A love is spurned as words are said
My heart not knows where love will lie
Upon a cursed & ravaged bed


Its Triolet Day at One Stop Poetry, hosed by Shan Hendry. This is my attempt at tackling this form.


20 Responses to “>My Heart Not Knows: by Pete Marshall”

  1. >This is a great Triolet Pete, written in tetrameter and the iambs are spot on. Didn't expect any less from you. Excellent choice of refrains too. Thanks for having a pop!

  2. >This was quite good.A wickedly stormy trioletand the refrains just ache.Well done.

  3. >This is lovely, Pete.

  4. >lol nice work, pete. and I noticed, too, you used the term, "attempt" like I. 🙂 I think your attempt's better :)Monty / bum

  5. >yet we reach through the thorns…the method and the message work for mePeace, hp

  6. >Great job with the form, and I really like it!!!

  7. >Haunting repetition in your Troilet. I like it.

  8. >A poetry worth to be read.Nice

  9. >A wonderfully evocative piece. The repetitious lines are haunting.

  10. >Another great piece on the depths of love and its questions….very well do and thoughtout Peter…loved it…bkm

  11. >my heart was stilled as I held my breath. Your words froze time.beautifully donethank you

  12. >Beautifully done !!

  13. >dark, & very capturing poem. well done pete!

  14. >The second refrain is just gorgeous!

  15. >Excellent Pete.

  16. >I know a bed like that one… very evocative triolet.Thank you. My triolet

  17. >I love your triolet, pete. The words just roll off my tongue…your poetry is so fluid, even within the constraint of a specific form. Hope you are well.

  18. >Very well written. 🙂

  19. >loved reading it. all the best.

  20. >Deep and questioning. Great write.

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