by pete marshall

I stole a chocolate from the box
that lay discarded on the side,
its sickly taste that pained the root
but warmed the guilt of wicked lies.
Nothing seemed to fill my mind
I stopped, I thought, I paused a while,
then time would drift to where you were,
as hands would search beneath the foil,
where warmth would feel the sticky goo
that oozed upon my lingering touch
and cling onto my fingertips,
your scent, a sin, a wanton lust.
I craved the taste of sugared lips
that felt so sweet upon my tongue,
I sucked the tips of mellow bliss
as you would melt & we came one.


Chocolate is my poem for the award winning One Stop Poetry where I will be your host for this weeks One Shot Wednesday. Opens tonight at 10pm UK, 5pm EST. 

55 Responses to “>Chocolate”

  1. >wow, between the chocolate and the sensuality…you are making it a long day until i get home…lol…nice one shot pete…up early myself…

  2. >I'm not a huge fan of chocolate (I know, horrors!) but thank you for presenting it in an interesting new light. Yum and well done.

  3. >Sweet flow. "its sickly taste that pained the root / but warmed the guilt of wicked lies." Excellent use of metaphor and thinking outside the proverbial box of chocolate.

  4. >Chooocalate…to be honest, you had me from the picture. It's ridiculous how much I love the strawberry-chocolate combo. Ridiculous, I say. Regardless, chocolate always makes for a good image when pursuing lines of lust and sensuality. The texture. The taste. The connotations. You make a very sensory piece here, one that teases the reader forward with a delicious use of imagery, description, and a smooth flow. Quite well struck.

  5. >sweet and sensual…brilliant.

  6. >the image is awesome but as I read I was imagining cherry chocolates. my favorite.sensual and yummy!loved it!

  7. >Wow! How did you get that amazing poem from a chocolate? Outstanding!

  8. >I'm thanking god I don't have a "sweet" tooth, especially if I'm right with the translation of the metaphor. But as I've said maybe I'm thinking way too hard…

  9. >Starts strong and has the staying power to give a last punch at the end. Sensuous and leaves a definite hint of richness on the palette.

  10. >I've heard about love affairs with chocolate before Petemmm…Moonie

  11. >I dont like chocolate but this great poem makes me want some!

  12. >Sex and chocolate. No better pair.Sensuous, sensual…lovely poem, Pete.Lady Nyo

  13. >There's sin in eating chocolates! Evocative piece combining desire and lust with sweet and sticky. It does all get mixed up sometimes I think. Well done, Pete.

  14. >Now that's just plain wicked Pete!

  15. >Nummy! Chocolate!

  16. >What seductive chocolate…now could one not fall in love with it after reading – marvelously wicked…bkm

  17. >Oh you are evil ~ I'm on a diet! *wails* haha..brilliantly delicious! Thanks Pete : )

  18. >Liked this a lot Pete. Very nice write and enjoyable to read.

  19. >Suddenly craving chocolate. Nice!

  20. >Very sensual. Not sure if I want a chocolate or…..

  21. >Strawberries dipped in chocolate…what thoughts are conjured up in my mind!

  22. >The way you present seduction and lust here is really quite remarkable. I keep reading it over and I catch different things each time. This is an interesting one for me, and I like it 🙂

  23. >I've always heard that chocolate was an aphrodisiac. You melted the two together so sensually.

  24. >oh my! You need one of those disclaimers that lets readers know that the content on you blog may be intended for adult audiences only. Whew……now, where's that husband of mine? – LOL

  25. >Pete, the imagery you use is excellent. As I read the poem it kept leading to more discovery. Also, it keep me looking (lusting) for what's next, Plus, very smooth your enjambmments. A wonderful write my friend.

  26. >Oh yummy! I feel the same way about chocolate. We are talking about chocolate, right?

  27. >i've never understood the lure of chocolates, but you certainly helped to clarify… your last line is perfect; sensual work ~

  28. >delicious contribution mmm… I'm with Sheila, you need a disclaimer 😉

  29. >grins….a really delicious grin mister pete marshall….hahahahah…oh ye..yes…yes….i wanna have what you are having….lolbeeeeauutiful write…thumbs up

  30. >Wow…I'm new here, but after reading your poem I hope to grow old here melting in poetry ever so sensual and mouthwatering…there is nothing like celebrating the miraculous wonders in our lives…acknowledging our cravings and translating them into such beautiful poetry…something I hope we never lose…thank you for this much needed poem…

  31. >your scent, a sin, a wanton lust…!!!Is it really chick-late or the straw-belle..? lolsVery "droolingly" expressed Pete!Hugs xx

  32. >I'll echo Adam's "thinking outside the box of chocolates"!

  33. >You know what they say – you can't go wrong with chocolate. Chocolate can be more than sweet, as you've plainly shown us, Pete.(Hey! I made a rhyme!)

  34. >Chocolately delicious! Happy Wednesday.

  35. >There was something erotic about this – yummy. Thanks for hosting. Shah. X

  36. >Sensual chocolate, my favorite kind. Delicious.Anita.

  37. >Great metaphor, Pete. Well done.

  38. >Sweet and sexy!

  39. >You took this chocolate WAY outside the box- and to delightful effect.

  40. >Mmm…melting.

  41. >Ah, guilty pleasures, stolen kisses … so bad, so sweet. You marry these devils so well. – Brendan

  42. >I don't have the correct description for this…it is words that create a feeling…like actually experiencing the moment. Pretty dang good. Vb

  43. >Loved it.. flowed well. Nice One!

  44. >You've captured the utmost of this food's sensuous-ness, Pete! Skilful lines with words the 'show and tell'. Indeed,how can anyone look at chocolates any other way/ thanks for sharing this excellent poem!

  45. >Nice poem ..smooth flow

  46. >I like what Dustus said – that line was awesome. Great poem.

  47. >What a great combo. 🙂

  48. >You call that chocolate, do you? 🙂 Bittersweet is how I prefer it. I have to admit my mind did indeed sway from the candied version…just one of those days! Wonderful write, read, and beyond.

  49. >You know what Forrest Gump said. Only I don't think he mentioned the sticky goo!

  50. >A well constructed poem full of sensual promise. Makes me desire a Cadbury's Flake.

  51. >Wicked… great metaphor.. saucy

  52. >lust and chocolate–always a classic. 🙂 sultry indeed.

  53. >Made me blush. Nicely done.

  54. >oh wow – this is so sweetly sensual pete – love it!!

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