>Love Thy Neighbour: A Poem by Pete Marshall


Love Thy Neighbour
by pete marshall

I stared behind a wooden fence
that hid my face from neighbours eyes,
where in my house my love was spent
as dreams would take me back outside.

I stared upon the gap between
that caught my eye, her whitened thighs,
I saw her jump and hoped the hem
would lift up high and gently rise.

A sultry voice and bright red shoes
that danced a beat of wicked lies,
a sirens call on errant runs
where love would hide & Iā€™d oblige.

Today’s wonderful image is by photographer Lauren Randolph, who’s interview and picture prompt have formed this weeks One Shot Sunday, at One Stop Poetry

18 Responses to “>Love Thy Neighbour: A Poem by Pete Marshall”

  1. >Wonderful write, Pete! I was waiting to see who whould be the first to peak beyond the fence, and you've done it so well! Still smiling.

  2. >Awesome write. Wish I grew up in that neighborhood. lol

  3. >I really like this Pete– you've captured the photo and the notion of a sexy neighbor really well. xj

  4. >what a sultry look behind the fence…love this one dude.

  5. >too good…suburbia at its finest… so clever with that title, too..

  6. >This was fun and so accessible..right next door. How we all adore the girl or boy next door. You did well with this. I went to another dimension instead..outer space not inner.

  7. >ahhh, love thy neighbour… I dig this man.. nice

  8. >hot for neighbor…nice….the third stanza in particular as you played well with the words…

  9. >Nice write Pete…I noticed too that her thighs were rather white….bkm

  10. >heehe couldn't help but smile Pete ~ neat take ~ peeking over that fence ~ yes I liked them … shoes too šŸ™‚ *wink* ~ Lib ~ loved it ~ @libithina

  11. >You can have the girl, Pete, I want the shoes! You men–always something better on the other side of the fence!

  12. >enjoyed this very much!

  13. >Nice piece, wondered who would go that route, beyond the fence to the house next door.

  14. >Good, smile-inducing, relatable piece.

  15. >What a unique viewpoint you chose for this poem and all presented in such tight form. Really great response to the picture – cheeky and oh so human.

  16. >I see you spying there, in between the pickets šŸ™‚

  17. >White thighs and siren calls, dangerous combo šŸ˜‰

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